The novel’s protagonist; a 12-year-old girl. Lina is thin, with long dark hair, and also she loves come run. Since of this, she thrilled as soon as her previous friend Doon provides to trade tasks with her so she have the right to be a messenger, a task that enables her to run all over Ember. After ~ running, Ember chin becomes among Lina’s favorite things. She loves everything about it and everyone in it, and she’s happy to be able to serve the city she loves. She resides with she Granny and her baby sister, Poppy. Lina’s parents died within months of each other a small over a year ago, therefore Lina find herself nursing herself and Poppy as Granny’s health and mental acuity start to decline. She’s exceptionally responsible and also makes certain that Granny and also Poppy space fed and also their apartment is clean—and in Ember’s soul of community, Lina asks her neighbor, Mrs. Murdo, for assist when she needs it. In her free time, Lina daydreams around a sparkling city and also draws photos of it. Though Lina is overwhelmingly an excellent and generous, she’s not exempt from enduring greed: as soon as she learns the a shop sell rare and expensive fancy pencils, she buys two rather of to buy Granny a coat—and she feel horrendous when she’s too caught up in the pencils to save track of Poppy and briefly loser the toddler in an electrical power blackout. As soon as Lina discovers vital document that’s been torn up by Poppy, she takes it upon it s her to number out what it is. Lina asks plenty of adults in her life to help her, yet Doon proves to it is in the one most willing and able to assist her deal with the mystery. Together they do, Lina’s innocence begins to dissolve together she discovers that The book of the City the Ember is wrong, that market Cole and her girlfriend Lizzie are stealing things, and also that Ember is actually a really dangerous place. Eventually, Lina realizes that she needs to leave Ember, following the indict on the document, and also do everything in her strength to assist the remainder of the city follow. She and Doon room successful in this endeavor and leave a keep in mind so that their neighbors have the right to follow them.

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The The City of Ember quotes below are every either spoken by Lina Mayfleet or describe Lina Mayfleet. For each quote, girlfriend can additionally see the other characters and also themes related to it (each template is suggested by its own dot and also icon, like this one:

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).Note: all page numbers and citation information for the quotes listed below refer to the Yearling edition of The City the Ember published in 2003.

Lina could see this city so plainly in she mind she practically believed it to be real. She knew it couldn’t be, though. The book of the City that Ember, which all children studied in school, taught otherwise. “The city that Ember was made for us long earlier by the Builders,” the publication said. “It is the just light in the dark world. Beyond Ember, the darkness goes on forever in all directions.”