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Up up and also awayUp up and awayUp, up up and also awayUp, yeahI'm around to go, up up and awayDick in your mouth, fuck what friend sayYou sweet together pie, a muffin or cakeDick in her mouth, I'm fuckin' she faceLive because that the night, sleep in the dayGet high together fuck, sleep that awayI to be a dog, you lamb in the gatePussy, mmm, how sweet is the tasteGun to your head, what you store in the safe?Weezy, bitch, I'm deeper than spaceFloating away choose a sheet on the lakeI'm gone, choose delete and eraseTalk that shit, ns walk that shitPills, weed, all that shitIf the bitch is bad, I'mma speak to that bitchGet pussy, ass, all that shitUmh, what they talk about?I walk hard, castle soft together a couchI'm running 'em in and walking 'em outCars therefore cold ns parked in the houseFlows so raw, this win is pregnantFlow so tight, it's yeast infectedKill 'em all as soon as they least expect itMoney tall, Lisa LeslieYMCMB connectionRappers is what ns eat because that breakfastWoman increase in my sheets is sexyIf she ain't fucking, she deserve to exitGun tucked in the waist, I'll bust in ya faceI ain't gained nothing to say, however up up and also away
Up up and away, increase up and also awayMan I'm for this reason high, ns come down in a pair of daysUp up and also away, increase up and awayMan I'm for this reason high, ns come down in a couple of daysWeezy (Yeah) wherein ya going? (Up)You're going a little bit too far (Haha)Ain't this a bitchI simply saw mine bitch kiss a bitchYou're lucky i don't kill your assBut you have the right to still acquire pistol whippedSharper than a pencil tipBitch don't even fix your lip40 cal' through the prolonged clipAin't gon' be no incidentSkinny jeans, red VansSkully on, money longHer mouth is prefer my houseSo i guess you deserve to say I'm coming homeYou're wyling out then we're talk outNow her hiding out, honeycombI'm laughing come the bankLike i just broke my fucking funny boneWhat's really an excellent five?I'm over right here smoking that really good fireEyes so low ns look blindBut the range on mine waist chef fineI be v niggas the took livesAnd niggas that'll take it it outsideAnd niggas that'll take it to her cribTake the baby the end the crib and rape the housewivesI'm gon' gain so wastedThey gon' have actually to bring me the end this bitchI took end this rap shitThese rappers are just my hostagesLet's cut to the chase, mine bitch no habla inglesBut ns ain't got nothing to say, however up up and also away
Up up and also away, up up and awayMan I'm for this reason high, i come under in a couple of daysUp up and away, increase up and awayMan I'm therefore high, i come down in a pair of daysWeezy (Yeah) wherein you going? (Ha)You're going a tiny bit too far (Up up and also away)Up up and away (Up up and away)Up up and also away (Up up and away)Up up and also awayFuck through a nigga, if girlfriend fuck with a niggaFuck v me, an excellent luck come the niggaStraps ~ above deck, therefore fuck the niggaLeave you looking like lightning struck the niggaRacks on deck, I'm affluent as shitI'm calling mine bitch the shitWalking roughly on mine fuck the shitI done did whatever on my bucket listFuck the shit, I'm SuperbadI don't give a Hoover damnMan, I child all these niggasThey should have actually a stupid tanHa, chairman Carter, vote for Lil WayneSit your five dollar ass down 'fore i make changeI'm pumping her brakes, I'm jumping the gatesAnd i ain't got nothing come say, yet up up and also away

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Weezy, where you going?You're walking a little bit too far(Up up and also away)Up up and also away (Up up and away)Up up and away (Up up and away)Man I'm so high, i come down in a couple of daysCome here, I could need youYou're gonna have to tickle me or somethingI should smoke a cigarette