I have actually not perfect the key quest, however would like to begin going through complimentary play to start working toward my 100%. What is the earliest suggest in the story I should be and also how execute I acquire my very first Dark Wizard?



The first dark wizard ns unlocked to be Snape. That is in a secret area turn off of the potions area, taken indigenous this guide:

You will unlock Profressor Snape once you have access to the mystery Area in the Potions room. To access this room friend will need a Hufflepuff character, a publication carrying character, and a character v a key. His symbol is situated in a chest in the an enig Area.

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1) Snape isn't a dark sorcerer’s in the game and 2) there room dark wizards who have the right to be unlocked earlier than him.
For what the worth, native this guideline site, you can also get Lucius Malfoy easily:

One that the easiest Dark Wizard come unlock is Lucius Malfoy. Pat the "Follow The Spider" level in Year 2 and also unlock him as soon as you struggle the gigantic spider (you"ll require the reducto spell).


The more quickly Dark magician you deserve to unlock is Barty Crouch, Jr. He"s in the very first level the year 4. In freeplay girlfriend can automatically switch come Arthur Weasly ( even if girlfriend don"t have actually him yet). He has actually Reducto. In ~ the component where you make the toughness potion (towards the end of the level, ~ you"ve uncovered everyone) use Reducto on a chest and you"ll gain him. He"s officially the easiest and also earliest dark wizard to get.

Plus, Snape isn"t a dark wizard.


Lucius Malfoy in the "Follow the Spiders" level. It is in year 2, earlier than Barty Crouch Jr. You"ll should use Reducto ~ above the chest whereby you hit Aragog.

but you can't acquire reducto until year four, (after the point where you have the right to unlock Barty Crouch Jr).
Well Lucius is the earliest character you get. Do the reducto glitch and you can obtain dark wizards as at an early stage as year 2. What you carry out for the reducto glitch is you gain transfiguration then walk to diagon ally external the leaky cauldren uncover professor quirll zap him with transfiguration and switch to the frog or rat he transforms into and also in approximately 30 seconds he"ll turn earlier to typical you"ll still be quirll so use reducto top top the steel gates and go with them you"ll it is in in knockturn allied go come the cart full of wooden boards and use the levitation assignment on castle there"ll it is in a staircase walk up it and you"ll get Igor Karragaph to buy him and also he"ll already have reducto currently you have the right to use that in cost-free play an get things that need reducto favor Lucius Malfoy.

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