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Easiest is Bellatrix and also Voldemort:Bellatrix LeStrange: In the critical level, loss her and also it is a prize for beating herVoldemort: as soon as in the critical level when battling Nagini (The giant Snake), go all the means to the back where the columns are, go behind the first one and also his token mr up

You can obtain Tom Riddle in the 4th level that the critical chapter (DH pt 2) In "Fiendfyre frenzy" in ~ the last part of the level, use leviosa ~ above a chest in the lower left corner to revolve it into a mattress. Jump on this to obtain the token. Riddle is also much cheaper 보다 Bellatrix or Voldemort

Are there any other dark magic characters beside Bellatrix and Voldemort and is narcissa Malfoy one or not

Yes, the does. Uneven Lucuis Malfoy or Wormtail, he has The death curse. He likewise has a complete spell wheel.

Some where in the astronomy tower (in the course section usage diffindo top top the door on the far right and then usage hermiones bag to get the key) you can gain both grinderwalds using just harry and also hermoine and then acquisition them for just a few thousand. They have all spells

Grindelwald (Young) is a dark magician who"s unlocked previously than Tom Riddle in story setting I think ... Forgotten wherein I found him for this reason wiki it.

Well girlfriend can gain bellatrix lestrage by completing level 3(burning bridges) year 7 component 2 as soon as you success the duel versus her. Friend can obtain voldomort in year 7 component 2 final level. When voldomort is shoot spells at you walk to the ideal side and also you will certainly see tiny nooks in the wall go in the one closet to you and also his personality token is In there. Yet they space both very expensive so search red brick codes and also put in every the multiplier codes in weasly wizards wheezes and then revolve them on in extras. Once you obtain coins currently they will certainly multiply through 3000 and something

Voldemort: pillars in critical level behind nagini an initial one got him yayBelatrix: loss her in burning bridges BothSpoiler:
i agree i´m currently saving because that bellatrix, it will take me a while because she expenses 3,750,000. And also looking for cheaper dark magic world while ns doing it

I acquired dolohov, not sure where however he deserve to do dark magic and also only cost 200,000 studs. I read somewhere the grindlewald old and also young additionally work yet not tried them yet, you acquire them in the divination classroom

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