The Latin King gang is just one of the most violent gangs in the United claims today, through leaders unafraid come order "hits" on regulation enforcement and correctional officers with followers unashamed come obey their orders. The background of this gang is created in blood, with episodes so bizarre the they read like chapters native a pulp fiction novel.​Members that the Chicago branch that the Latin monarchs cherish a history that includes the theft of military ordnance; the murder and subsequent cannabilization ofone disobedient inmate member; consorting v a infamous terrorist group; and a high school riot over a Coca-Cola poster.

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Founded in the 1940"s by a small group of hispanics in the Chicago, Illinois area, the purpose of the company was to assist the hispanic community accomplish a much better way of life by keeping the Hispanic society and promoting education.However, the Latin emperors have developed into a nationwide criminal organization with chapters in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, new York, brand-new Jersey, Florida, California and also Illinois.The Latin kings are at this time under national leadership by 2 principle leaders, Gino Colon (Lord Gino) and Raul Gonzalez (Baby King).The Latin Kings have actually a strong line the communication and also support in between members incarcerated and also those members top top the outside.The Latin kings use the logos ALKN, ADR, LK, 5-POINTED CROWN and also 5-POINTED STAR. Their colors are Black and also Gold (yellow is use in location of gold). Black represents death and also gold to represent life. Their beads are black and gold in a succession of 5 black adhered to by 5 gold. Part sayings used are "Amor De Rey" which method "Love that The King" and also "Black and also Gold Never prosper Old".
The Gangology professional Certification focuses on developing the student’s level of knowledge pertaining to street corridor evolution, gang crime law, corridor identification, communications, typology, personal safety, and also the psychological and also sociological influence street gangs have on society, as well as officer and also public safety.
Gender Makeup:Male and Female(Latin Queens)Racial Makeup:Multi-racial primarily Hispanic that Latin decent. Italians and also Portuguese have been discovered to it is in members that the gang.Scope: primarily Correctional framework and large metropolitan areas throughout Florida, Connecticut, Chicago, new York, brand-new Jersey, Mexico, new Mexico, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Massachusetts, and also Rhode Island.Emblem(s): 5 pointed crown, 5 pointed star, lions head with crown, code of armor. The initials ALK, ALKN, ALKQN, ADR, LK, LKN. The many recent emblem is the bulldog through a crown.Gang Colors: Black and Gold. Black represents death, gold represents life.Sequence that Beads: 5 Black adhered to by 5 Gold because that members, 5 Black complied with by 2 Gold because that executive members. All black color for the enforcers or Assassins.Alliances: Chicago Latin Kings, Ñeta and also BrotherhoodLoose alliances: 20 Love and also some set of the Los Solidos.Rival Gangs: Folk nation aligned STGs, Crips, Latin Locos, Solidos, 20 Luv and Elm City boys (ECB), Nation, Gangster Disciples, black color Gangster Disciples, La Raza, imperial Gangsters, insane Latin Disciples, Satan Disciples and Spanish cobras .
The miscellaneous Latin King factions are typically well structured and also organized in terms of criminal organization. They regularly follow a strict and also detailed charter or constitution. Store in mind, the East shore Latin Kings have a very different composed constitution 보다 that the the original Chicago Latin Kings. The main emphasis of the Latin kings is the regulate of medicine trafficking and internal gang discipline both in ~ the prison and also in the community.Latin Kings believe “Once a King, always a King” and subscribe to an every for one mentality. Internal discipline is viewed as a high priority, and violations the the values of the team may result in documented suspension, termination, physical attack or death.Central to the Latin King ideology are the signs such together the five allude crown i beg your pardon represents, Love, Respect, Sacrifice, Honor, and Obedience. The charter establishes the Ten Commandments, the royalties, indict for creating a chapter, election of officers, and disciplinary procedures.The acceptance of females in the corridor is typical to many factions. The general male members are dubbed Reyes or Kings; your wives or girlfriends are called Queens.
The Latin King members commemorate 3 times throughout the year.Kings holy Day - January 6thKings week of the Sun- march 1-7Week that Blood - October 25-31
Latin King documents reveal the Gino Gustavo Colon (a.k.a. "Lord Gino") is taken into consideration the "SUN" that the Almighty Latin King nation in Chicago. Right now he is offer a life sentence in federal prison due to a 25-count indictment, which consists of charges of conspiracy to distribution cocaine and also other drugs.The main resource of earnings for the Latin majesties is moneys native the profitable illicit medicine trade. Members space not mean to use drugs, they perform sell and distribute drugs. Other funds are raised from membership dues and also extortion both native the community and also inside correctional facilities.Of every the gangs, Latin queens are the hardest to obtain information from; they will not even admit your membership in many cases.
The first Crownis the brain of the Lion and also the Nation. He is the thinker for the various other crowns and also his brothers and also sisters.The 2nd Crownis the eyes and also ears of the Nation. That is the one who protects the mind from being damaged by anyone. Nobody is enabled to reach the mind unless v the chain that command.The third Crownis the ideal paw the the Lion. When the Lion senses problem from 15 feet away, his right paw turns inward 2 ½ degrees, creating a diamond. Once the Lion walk this the is representing a defiant place which represents the warlord of the Nation.The 4th Crownis the hair that runs down from his head down through his earlier right down to his tail. Since a Lion’s tail is always dragging ~ above the floor, the tail senses danger and alerts the remainder of the Lion who in turn alerts the first Crown that there is peril approaching.,The 5th Crownis the human body of the Lion. The is most important due to the fact that he is the teacher and also adviser for the various other Crowns and also the rest of the body. There is no him, the body have the right to not function.​Correctional basic Structure:The Latin King chapters within correctional infrastructure operate lot like those ~ above the streets and also share the mass of the rules and also regulations and the "literature" that their exterior counterparts. The structure looks like this from the peak down: at the very top is the Inca. Every facility may have an "Inca". This is a spot that does not necessarily "transfer" come other facilities or the outside. Under the "Inca" are the adhering to positions: Cacique, Enforcer, Crown Chairman, Investigator, Treasurer, and Secretary. Wherein the gang in one basic is spread into various "cellhouses" or buildings, over there will likewise be separate functions for: cellhouse chief, cellhouse enforcer, cellhouse treasurer, and also cellhouse security.
Project GANGPINT in 1995carried the end by the NGCRC had the ability to survey about 2,000 corridor members in numerous states. Some N = 82 members the the Latin majesties were maybe to it is in pulled out of this sample for the statistical profile listed here. Right here are the significant lifespan developmental turning points of the LK member:Mean AgeDevelopmental element in the lifespan of the LK Member8.8 - Age very first heard anything around "gangs".8.9- Age very first met someone who remained in a gang.9.0 - Age first "bullied" by someone in school.9.9 - Age an initial "bullied" someone else in school.11.0 - Age an initial fired a pistol or revolver.11.5 - Age first saw some killed or seriously hurt by corridor violence.11.6 - Age very first arrested for any type of crime.12.3 - age they very first joined the gang.12.6 - Age first got their own real gun.12.8 - Age very first got a long-term tattoo.15.6 - age at time we surveyed them because that this profile.23.0 - period they suppose to gain legally married come someone.25.1 - period they expect to stop the gang.57.8 - age they suppose to die.Other necessary trends found among members that the LK gang room as follows:Typical member has actually an median of 16.8 former arrests.95.1 percent worry about the security of their family members.89 percent think their parents/family worry about the LK member of the family members being killed.78.5 percent believed that "fear is the only effective means that you deserve to use to regulate children".72.8 percent feel "there is fixed anything lower than a person who does not feel a an excellent deal the love, gratitude, and also respect because that his/her mother", while just 57.5 percent feeling the same method about father.55.1 percent have remained in court-mandated psychological counseling or therapy.33.8 percent have remained in a drug/substance abuse counseling program.91.0 percent shown "I think in God", and 28.2 percent intended to walk to hell in the afterlife.91.0 percent perform not desire their own kids in the gang.94.9 percent have been suspended from school, 65.4 percent have been expelled from school.44.7 percent have tried come quit the gang.64.8 percent have actually been "violated" by their own gang.69.3 percent had actually other family members members who space in a gang.74.7 percent have fired a gun at someone to safeguard their corridor turf.57.3 percent have been a shooter in a drive-by shooting.66.7 percent are willing to dice for their corridor friends.73.3 percent have actually recruited various other persons into the gang.Most evidenced that their gang has actually written rules and also that your gang has actually adult leaders who have remained in the gang for a very long time, and also that their gang holds consistent meetings, that their gang has a treasury, and that their gang has actually existed for about 20 years.

​20 Ill. App.3d 858 (1974)314 N.E.2d 664THE human being OF THE STATE that ILLINOIS, Plaintiff-Appellee, ​v. GUSTAVO COLON, Defendant-Appellant.Appellate Court the Illinois — an initial District (3rd Division).​June 20, 1974.

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We an initial learned of this true story in 1992. Us did not find out who the two males that did the death were till shortly prior to going to push with this profile: a difficult core Cuban member the the LKs who came top top the boat lift, explained as "a cold blooded Cuban who eliminated without regard" and the other male was a little white guy that Gino and also BK take it under his wing.As the the autumn of 1996 nobody has ever been prosecuted for the murder. And to our knowledge the Illinois room of correction still list the victim together an "escapee".This is a story of just how ruthlessness one gang, the Latin Kings, can be in disciplining its very own members. Our information originates from the 2nd in command (a Prince) of the corridor at the time that is currently a federal informant in the witness defense program. We have spent much time through this details ex-member of the LKs over a three year period: including about 40 hrs of face-to-face interviewing, and around 80 hours of call interviewing.In 1981, the leader of Chicago"s southside chapter, one Raul Gonzalez (AKA "Baby King") of the Latin Kings had actually a "run in" through a member of the northside thing of the Latin Kings. What taken place was the the leader "Baby King" was usually "disrespected" by an inmate recognized as Carlos Robles. Due to the fact that Rolez was usually in the very same gang, just in a different geographical unit, infant King strategy the leader the the northside thing of the LKN, Gino Colon, and also got his "blessing" to change Carlos Robles permanently before he is released.About two years later, when he remained in the Illinois State Penitentiary, inmate Rolez would obtain his "violation" for disrespecting the southside leader of the ALKN. Two of the most whacked the end members the the southside LKN chapter were favored for the "hit". Rolez to be to be murdered. This were two gang members that were heavy PCP users.The method the "hit" was carried out was rather clever. The 2 Whacko"s intending to killCarlos, basically told him they were throwing the a "going far party". Carlos was scheduled to be paroled in two days when the fight took ar in July, 1983. Together is usual in corrupting correctional staff, the two hitmen obtained permission indigenous the cellhouse guard to usage the basement for the going away party. The basement the the cellhouse unit has the showers the inmates use.Carlos entered the basement of the cellhouse v the two whackos for his "parole party". Lock proceeded to use their homemade weapons. Not tiny "shanks" as homemade knifes room called, yet rather the much bigger Machetes, usually around two feet long and made the end of hefty gauge steel.First they cut off Carlos" head. Then one arm, then the various other arm. Through a tiny hacking, turn off went one leg, then the other. They chopped in ~ the torso, cut it right into smaller pieces. The head to be the only body part that can not it is in sliced up right into smaller pieces. The arms and also legs were climate chopped into smaller pieces. Blood to be everywhere. However all the two whackos go was revolve on the showers and also let the blood run down the drain. Usually washing off the body parts.Members the their very own gang, cooperating maximum floor in the cabinet house, aided next. Together the two whackos inserted the body parts right into plastic bags, a "diversion" fight was staged. This allowed the 2 whackos come go through the tunnel which brought about what to be then the butcher shop area the the prisons kitchen.The black color inmate working in the butcher shop that day was a Gangster Disciple, and as a "Folks" gang, is always opposed to Latin majesties (a "Peoples" gang). The two whackos inquiry him because that a favor, for which they would certainly reward him v some drugs and cash money. They asked him to "grind" increase the body parts in the larger meat grinder that was there, a very huge commercial grade meat grinder. ~ above the menu for the evening meal the night in ~ Stateville Penitentiary was "meat loaf".The GD in fee of the butcher shop, once offered the drugs and also money come grind increase the body parts, simply asked "who is in the bag". The two whacko"s replied "he is one of our own", not one of yours.The GD agreed, and also ground up the body parts with the pork and beef the was likewise going right into the meat loaf because that the evening meal.Shortly prior to the bells rung because that the inmates to go to evening chow in the inmate dining room, two gangs currently had much advance warning around what not to eat the night. The GD"s and also the Latin majesties spread the word among themselves: don"t eat ~ above the key linetonight.In the dining hall the night, just the gangs that did not recognize the real recipe for the meatloaf ate their food. Part inmate chow hounds to be pleasantly surprised to find so countless friendly Latin Kings and also GD"s supplying their entre for the evening meal to various other hungry inmates.No traces of the skin, bones, teeth, or blood the Carlos Robles were ever before found. The is for years. The skull bone apparently just "rolled around" in the meat grinder like a basketball spinning on a network rim, and thus it had actually to it is in buried. The skull to be dug up in 1995 in the yard at Stateville (see: "Skull Dug up in Stateville Prison",Chicago Tribune, April 16, 1995, p. 2).To this day, the main position that the Illinois room of corrections is that "Rolez escaped a day prior to his parole once a tourism of church travellers was in the facility". Walk Carlos really escape one day prior to his parole?Or perform we think the gang that eliminated him?Why perform you think some human being call meatloaf "mystery meat"?I assumption: v our message to the other prison gangs is the you really are what you eat, in this situation at least.This has actually been a true story. One of the two whackos is still offer his life sentence in Stateville. The various other whacko has because been released and also is now happily married and could be functioning as a chef at a government facility employee cafeteria somewhere.