Sure, yes sir an expansive desert encompassing the las Vegas area, however deserts aren’t desolate wastelands. They are several of the many vibrant and also visually stunning landscapes to explore. If there room a few different paths you have the right to cruise along, the drive from las Vegas to mountain Diego offers plenty come do and also see. The trip is around 330 to 400 miles and will take you approximately five to six hours to complete, contingent on the course you decision and activities planned. If you"re starting out in The Entertainment capital of the World and heading to mountain Diego, take into consideration exploring a couple of of these interesting stops along the way. Be all set for the open road by visiting our checklist that road trip essentials.

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Drive time from las Vegas to mountain Diego: roughly 5 hoursDistance from las Vegas to mountain Diego: about 330 milesBest auto for this roadway trip: Convertible


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4. Mountain Diego


Ferry Landing in mountain Diego. Photograph Credit: Bigstock

To complete your journey from ras Vegas to san Diego, continue south on interstate 215 to get back to interstate 15 and head south. This journey is around 130 miles and should take you about two hrs to complete. When you get to san Diego, you"ll uncover plenty of exciting things come explore.

Enjoy your day in ~ the renowned San Diego Zoo. The zoo houses 3,700 animals. Renowned exhibits include the Panda Trek, Polar bear Plunge, Tiger River and also Elephant Odyssey. That course, being in san Diego way you need to schedule a day at the beach. Silver Strand State coast is a an excellent place to walk for swimming, fishing, picnicking and exploring for seashells. Just be certain to carry out the toe test to gauge the s temperature. Only the bravest abandon all reason and run straight into the water.

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After a full day the travel, recharge through a solve meal, and what better way 보다 to nosh on san Diego’s most renowned dish, the Fish Taco. Renowned destinations for the signature dish incorporate Bahia Don Bravo and Blue Water Seafood industry & Grill

There is more than meets the eye come the desert expanse found between Las Vegas and San Diego. Setup treks off-the-beaten-path to productivity memorable excursions because that yourself and also travel companions.

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Las las vegas to san Diego FAQs


What must I fill for a expedition to Vegas?

When you"re travel to Vegas, be sure to lug comfortable go shoes. Whether you"re touring the strip or long walking in the canyons, you"ll be walking a lot and also you"ll want to protect against achy feet. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are additionally necessary, as the vegas heat and also sun have the right to be intense. You should likewise pack a light jacket, together desert temperatures have the right to drop rather a bit during the evening.


What deserve to you do for totally free in mountain Diego?

San Diego offers a number of free things come do, many of which permit you to reap the beautiful weather and landscape. 

- Balboa Park includes several walking trails, gardens, and also Spanish Colonial-style buildings. - Mt. Soledad Veterans Memeorial is a big outdoor peak developed in respect of please soldiers.- Torrey Pines State herbal Reserve is the perfect place for hiking, with stunning seaside views. 


Can you drive v Mojave national Preserve?

Yes, civilization are allowed to drive through the Mojave national Preserve. The park needs that your auto be registered, insured, and also have working headlights and also turn signals. Store in mind that most of the locations you can drive on are dirt roads. There room some parts that room paved, such together Kelso Depot visitor Center, Kelso Dunes, and also Teutonia optimal Trail.