Remember that old Powerade commerical wright here LeBron James is shooting full-court jump shots through ease? As soon as it started airing, the conflict started.

Was LeBron really swishing those shots or was it all fake?

In the finish, Powerade let it be well-known that the commercial was the work-related of Method Studios, a company that specializes in visual results, and also that the spot was component of their brand-new ad campaign (which also featured a Michael Vick).

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While the footage turned out to be fake, Powerade acquired what they wanted. They created some buzz and pretty quickly, everyone wanted to see the ad to judge for themselves; was it real or fake?

Well one more NBA star may have taken a web page out LeBron"s book.

On Thursday, Kobe Bryant"s website,, released a video in which the Los Angeles Laker pulls off his own ridiculous stunt.

As the video begins, Kobe holds up his newest signature shoe, the Nike Hyperdunks. Bryant then laces up his sneakers while teammate Ronny Turiaf tells him that what he"s about to perform isn"t an excellent idea. "Don"t concern, I acquired this. Come on, carry it down!" shouts a confident Kobe.


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Then it happens.

A silver Aston Martin then comes flying onto the display at fifty miles per hour and Bryant jumps. He lets out a roar and completely clears the automobile.

"I told you!" he yells to Turiaf, "March 31, 2008, baby! That is just how you jump over an Aston Martin boy, that"s just how you do it. Hyperdunks!"

The video has been slowed dvery own, freeze framed, and also analyzed by many kind of civilization and also nobody seems to have any type of evidence that the stunt is fake.

In the LeBron commercial, the sphere briefly leaves the display screen which brought about many type of people to doubt the ad"s authenticity. But with the Kobe video, you watch whatever perfectly. Hell, inspect out the photo above this article. Looks pretty genuine, right?

But let"s take a second and put all video results to the side. Hollywood magic deserve to execute some amazing points and also who knows, Bryant might have actually invested a fortune on that spot. Rather than analyzing the video for imperfections, let"s just usage widespread feeling for a 2nd.

Would an athlete of Kobe"s caliber threat injury and perhaps death simply to sell a few pairs of shoes? I doubt it.

One slip, one mistimed jump is all it would certainly take for his career to more than and also Bryant isn"t stupid. Can you imagine what the Lakers would have actually done if he landed too early on, hit the auto, and also broke his leg? Phil Jackchild wouldn"t be also happy.

But Kobe"s mini commercial is currently making noise. It"s getting hit after hit on YouTube and also was shown on TNT"s halftime display in the time of Thursday"s game in between the Lakers and also Clippers.

Here"s my opinion on the video: I think Bryant"s jump is 100% actual. He has an excellent vertical leap and more than likely might clear the auto if he tried. However, I don"t think Kobe is stupid sufficient to actually attempt the stunt. Just bereason he have the right to clear the vehicle on a perfect jump, does not mean he"d carry out it and also hazard injury if he were to slip or screw up.

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I think the auto was pushed best alongside Kobe so that from our angle, it looks prefer he"s jumping over the automobile but really, he"s simply jumping really high straight next to it.

It"ll be interesting to check out if Kobe ever before reveals if this video was actual or fake yet for currently, you be the judge.

Did Kobe really clear the auto or is this simply an additional example of remarkable special results supplied to generate hype? 

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