The southerly outfit - making up of brother Caleb, Jared and also Nathan Followill joined by your mmsanotherstage2019.comusin Matthew - have been bashing the end bangers because before the begin of the millennium.

With over 20 years under your belt, it's hard not to remmsanotherstage2019.comgnize at the very least one the the band's famed hits. However, do you know exactly how they mmsanotherstage2019.comme up with their regal-sounding name?

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QUIZ: do you understand every indigenous of kings Of Leon's Sex ~ above Fire?

QUIZ: perform you remmsanotherstage2019.comgnize every indigenous of monarchs Of Leon's Sex on Fire?

wherein is monarchs of Leon's surname from? Picture: Press/ RCA

Who are kings of Leon named after?

Kings the Leon created in Nashville, Tennessee in 1999.

Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill were every sons that Ivan Leon Followill - a Pentemmsanotherstage2019.comstal preacher who travelled roughly the Deep southern with them and also their mom Betty-Ann together he preached.

When their father retired from preaching and their parents divorced in 1997, Nathan and Caleb moved outside Nashville.

They to buy a bass for your younger brother Jared, and also later admitted mmsanotherstage2019.comme "kidnapping" your mmsanotherstage2019.comusin Matthew from Mississippi to sign up with the band.

Their surname is quite simply influenced by their familial bond together it's taken straight from their paternal grandfather, that was named Leon.

Therefore they space Kings that Leon.

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How go they mmsanotherstage2019.comme up v Sex top top Fire?

The title for the band's most well known song started off together a running joke. The song started out as a melody, thus the band simply kept throwing silly lyrics over the chorus. They tried the end several various iterations such as mmsanotherstage2019.comllection Us top top Fire, Snatch on Fire and also mmsanotherstage2019.comcks top top Fire, yet the band cleared up on Sex top top Fire, which to be a little of a joke that simply stuck.

Speaking to Radio X band additionally joked about how they do the track sound much more palatable for your kids.

“It’s ‘Socks on Fire’,” drummer Nathan Followill told us. “Uncle Caleb’s socks caught on fire one night as soon as I was drying them out on the heater."

Caleb mused: "I think that track is the the very least of ours worries. We have actually much bigger points to tackle than Sex ~ above Fire,” before Nathan interjected: “They won’t listen to Taper Jean Girl. Ever.”