Castle Oblivion

Finally the end game. You must go earlier to each and every human being yet again. There are 3 end per human being you must get. Climate 1 final battle.

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NORMAL -- talk to Selphie and also destroy the bug Bloxes in the area. Then speak to Wakka and go as much as Tidus and also fight him. Then talk to the cloaked guy for the card.ALTERNATE -- speak to Selphie and say No. Then talk to Wakka and say No come him also. Then go to the top and also break every the Blox to gain the card.EXTRA -- speak to Selphie and also destroy the pest Bloxes in the area. Climate break the Bloxes near Wakka to acquire a eco-friendly star. Use that and fight the Heartless. Climate break the bloxes in the lower right for one more green star.


NORMAL -- conserve them in the stimulate of: Huey, Dewey, Louie.ALTERNATE -- Huey, Louie, DeweyEXTRA -- Louie, Dewey, Huey

Louie is in the top north middle.Dewey is in the phibìc western corner.Huey is in the north eastern corner.


Cheshire Cat (In the Blox top top the left) - CORRECT: D - WRONG: offer UpAlice - CORRECT: Alice - WRONG: Queen the HeartsWhite hare - CORRECT: talk to hare - WRONG: take it the WatchAce of mind - CORRECT: offer Potion come Spade - WRONG: give Potion come Heart

NORMAL -- carry out at least 1 point right and also 1 thing wrongALTERNATE -- Do everything rightEXTRA -- Do everything wrong


This one is a series of trials. Make sure to heal up and also get all your commands earlier before talk to each person. These are actually nice high end battles therefore becareful and heal once needed. Make certain to acquire the AERO 4 & THUNDER 4 native the prize Bloxes. Gaining 30 ~ above the first an obstacle can be tough. You could want to move on and get some more chips.

NORMAL -- Hercules - >20 & alternating -- just let time operation out on every 3 trials.EXTRA -- Hearcules - >30 Heartlessx, Cloud - happen both - Hades - defeat in under 20 seconds


In Agrabah you need to catch Iago. Over there are plenty of prizes and items covert in the boxes. If you find Jasmine you gain 50 bonus seconds. Aladdin 75. Vendor 25. 3 Bloxes have actually Jafar illusions that will certainly sap your time and also the genie is in one that will avoid the Jafar illusions. Simply break every the bloxes and also don"t bother fighting any type of of the Heartless and you"ll beat the moment no problem.

NORMAL -- capture Iago when the timer is between 30 and 60 seconds.ALTERNATE -- catch Iago with less than under 30 seconds.EXTRA -- capture Iago through over 60 seconds left.


Start by doing few of those fun Hollow Bastion Switches we had to carry out some plenty of of in the key game. The an initial room simply shows girlfriend its big flower, then small flower. The 2nd room throw some opponents at you. The third room puts various bloxes in the way that you must destroy. Climate a ceo fight with Pete and also a challenge from Maleficent.

NORMAL -- Take longer that 30 seconds to beat Pete or longer than 60 secs to reach Maleficent however not both.ALTERNATE -- Take much longer than 60 secs on Pete and likewise longer than 120 secs on Maleficent.EXTRA -- beat Pete in under 30 seconds and also under 60 secs on Maleficent.

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You simply need to acquire 1 map per world to acquire to the final battle. Roxas is a fast attacker v combos, dashes and also a increasing slash. Just work your Dodge rolling and make sure to acquire all your strikes in.