Kate Gosselin — aka TLC"s love-to-hate/hate-to-love poster girl — went through many alters after hitting the fact TV scene back in 2007, however none were much more obvious 보다 those that emerged after she kicked her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, come the curb.

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Check out some of Kate"s more dramatic transformations. She walk from soccer mommy to glamour girl in much less than a decade, and also the look just keeps on changing... And also getting better, somehow, through age.


Gosselin raised interest in the general public eye in 2007 during the debut of Jon & Kate add to 8 with a sleek, face-framing bob v a spiky back. The look to be super no-nonsense and didn"t leave lot room for anything past a level iron and also some pomade.

In the an initial season the Jon & Kate plus 8, Gosselin underwent her an initial plastic surgery procedure, a tummy tuck that was televised because that the entire civilization to see. The surgical treatment was done to repair "damage" that had been done to her body after providing birth to eight children. Around her 2006 tuck, she claimed on Twitter, "Get v the very first two main of pain and yuck and also it"ll be the ideal decision you"ve ever made!"

In she 2010 book, I just Want You come Know, Gosselin provided that she tummy tuck was cost-free and comprehensive her glee in finding out the news. "I was standing in my bedroom as soon as I heard the news, and I screamed in ~ the top of mine lungs," she wrote. "I would certainly say a dream come true, however I hadn"t even dared to have that dream."

The Huffington Post reported that when Gosselin walk for she tummy tuck surgery, she inquiry the physician if she could snag a free boob project to go along with the tuck, yet the physician was claimed to advise Gosselin the she just needed a much better bra.


Gosselin eventually started to prosper out what ended up being her signature hairstyle and started wearing that in loose waves in 2010, and also that"s when the plastic surgical procedure rumors began. In 2010, Us Weekly reported that Gosselin go under the knife for a breast enhancement surgery and had also allegedly consulted her bodyguard around it.

Us stated, " to be going to have actually one type of breast augmentation, however she readjusted her mind after talk to around what would look best."

Though the was never ever confirmed, Gosselin was claimed to have actually gone indigenous a size 4 shirt to a dimension six, which was attributed to having a little an ext junk in the top trunk 보다 she had actually previously. However, once asked about the operation procedure, Gosselin to be alleged come respond, "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has actually time to even think around it, permit alone carry out it?"

Still, the rumor mill maintained on churning.


In 2010, medical professionals interviewed through Us Weekly asserted that Gosselin had gone under the knife — er, needle — in order to acquire what they taken into consideration "botched" Botox treatments.

Dr. Michael Olding, a plastic surgeon, stated, "She looked much better : great hair, pretty smile, and also a normal brow position." After undergoing what was stated to be a negative Botox treatment, Olding said, " had the typical appearance that Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the room between the brows where frown lines occur" and also that "the lateral component of her brow" to be "elevated in one abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald"s arches!"

Later in the year, Gosselin spoke to The View (via The Huffington Post) and slammed any and all surgery rumors the went beyond the limits of the well-known tummy tuck. Gosselin, on the offense, said, "Why for this reason fascinating? I obtained a good bra!"

As for face-altering injectables, Gosselin said, "Botox? for sure not. Boobs? No. Tummy tuck, yes. Us all understand that. I run every day. I job-related out, I"m healthy, I desire to look at as an excellent as I probably can."

The Botox rumors would continue to torment her transformation, and also in 2011, she still ongoing to hit the an excellent fight the denial. In an interview through People, Gosselin said: "Read my eyebrows: no Botox!"


In she 2010 appearance on ABC"s Dancing through the Stars, Kate Gosselin to be plagued by further allegations that plastic surgery. As she geared up for she dancing stint, Radar Online revealed she"d ditched her "old" hair and also replaced many of it through extensions.Ted Gibson, the stylist responsible for Gosselin"s sleek new look, said he would have charged to the song of $7,000 because that the hairstyle in among his salons. "My haircuts are $950."

"The shade would have actually been about $500 and the extensions, which were good length extensions, would probably cost about $5,000."

New hair aside, Gosselin once again shot down plastic surgery rumors and said the she just took great care of it s her after splitting up v her husband. ~ above her previous blogging communication on Coupon Cabin (via The Huffington Post), Gosselin said, "I will confirm I have actually not had one (I am only 36!!!). However I will take every one of the talk about how rested and young i look together a compliment!"

Incidentally, CouponCabin severed that ties through Gosselin in 2012, and publicly declared that she was no fit to stand for the brand.

The statement from CouponCabin read, "A series of recent events have made it clean to me the and also her contributions perform not align with the authenticity which we collection out come build nearly a te ago, and also that Ms. Gosselin is just not a good fit with the exorbitant team and culture at CouponCabin."

"It"s through this," the explain continued, "that i am creating to inform you of our decision to discontinue Ms. Gosselin"s feature blog ~ above CouponCabin.com."


In a 2012 interview through Andy Cohen on Watch What happens Live, Gosselin went even further v her cases of gift anti-plastic surgery, and asserted the she simply just "de-aged." come Cohen, Gosselin said, "I am probably one of the rare couple of who de-age."

Cohen looked taken aback, yet Gosselin continued, blaming the drastic change on recovering ~ multiple childbirths. She stated that enduring she post-childbearing look was "the roughest time ever" and rationalized her sensational "de-aging" claim. She concluded, "You have actually to gain better, right? girlfriend can"t acquire worse 보다 that."

While science hasn"t however pinpointed what, exactly, "de-aging" is, it"s not a difficult stretch the the creativity to think that everything it is, Gosselin can have tapped into it somewhere follow me her heat of fame.

During Gosselin"s stint on Celebrity Apprentice, i beg your pardon concluded filming in 2014, she sported a really severe look at — extremely tight skin, dramatic brows, and also super long, super loose beach waves. Though plastic surgery rumors tho swirled, she described to E! why she looked so lot younger at that allude than she did eight year prior.

"I think when the civilization met me i was three days article having sextuplets, for this reason the only place you can obtain from that point is younger," she explained. "It to be really just eye-trickery, ns think," Gosselin claimed. "You males saw me at my worst first, and also then I simply kind of reversed in prior of your eyes. It to be nothing amazing, it was just, as soon as you met me, who was that person?"

That human being was a really different-looking Gosselin, to be sure.

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Despite Kate Gosselin"s protestations the she hasn"t obtained plastic surgery, it"s difficult to deny the she watch pretty great — and not also for a mrs who had a horde the kids, yet simply for a woman who an extremely obviously takes treatment of herself.

Gosselin asserted that the crucial to her transformation is fitness and clean eating, and it"s obvious that her penchant because that running has actually paid off immensely. In 2012, Gosselin called Runner"s World that she tried to run as numerous as 10 miles in one bout. "I operation 10 mile every various other day," she revealed. "Travel weeks litter me right into a weird schedule, though. However when I"m looking in ~ the week ahead, I arrangement my runs based on my schedule. If it"s on mine schedule, I perform it, since that"s as soon as it it s okay done."

About she super healthy and balanced dieting habits, Gosselin said, "When I started out together a runner, ns ran to eat. Also so, ns eat healthy and also I rarely permit myself treats."

"I love salads, i love healthy and balanced eating," she admitted. "Now, once the miles start creeping up, and also you"re starving, it"s flipped. Ns eat come run."