When acquisition a road trip to Vegas, the journey is component of the fun. If your journey starts in Kansas City, Missouri, be prepared for a long drive and many unique sights v Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and finally Nevada. The cherry on top? her Kansas City to ras Vegas journey ends v plenty of excitement in the city to consist of for the lengthy trip!

Pack your bags, rally the troops, and fill the tank, due to the fact that we have all the road expedition recommendations to embark top top the best Kansas City to ras Vegas drive.

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The Logistics: Route, journey Time & Traffic

Taking a Kansas City to ras Vegas road trip can be a lengthy trek in someday or divided in between two or three days – depending on if you decision to take your time in ~ road pilgrimage stops along the method or not. The Kansas City to las Vegas distance is about 1,349 miles through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and also Nevada via the I-70 W. Be prepared, some toll roads may be top top the map ~ above the Kansas Turnpike! With ideal traffic and also weather conditions, the road trip takes approximately 20 hrs to complete.

If possible, avoid beginning the Kansas City to las Vegas drive on Thursday v Sunday, the most famous driving days. Instead, leave on less-popular driving job such together Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when traffic has tendency to it is in lighter 보다 the hustle and also bustle that weekend driving. Allow for much longer drive time if you plan on traveling to the city for ras Vegas occasions or throughout the holidays. No issue where you’re driving from or which job of the week, the website traffic is certain to pick up closer come the city.

Kansas City to ras Vegas Road trip Stops


Lake Shawnee | 1293 miles to Vegas

Before you fully set out on the road for your Kansas City to las Vegas drive, acquire some new air in ~ Lake Shawnee. Twice named one the the height travel destinations in Kansas, Lake Shawnee supplies parks, gardens, and also more.

Sternberg Museum of Natural history | 1087 miles to Vegas

If you interested in fossils and also the natural background of Earth, Sternberg Museum is a an excellent place to visit ~ above your roadway trip. Make a visit to check out the extensive collection of fossils from fort Hays State University’s collection.

World’s largest Easel | 945 miles to Vegas

Kansas is well-known as the Sunflower State, and also Goodland, Kansas is proud to show off their beautiful flowers. The stole easel stands in ~ 80 feet tall, and also features a 32×24-foot representation of one of Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” paintings.

Kit Carson county Carousel | 913 mile to Vegas

Between 1885 and also the 1930s, nearly 2500 wood-carved carousels existed in America. The Kit Carson county Carousel is one of the remaining carousels and one the the finest maintained. That is still totally operational and has the initial paint!

I-70 Diner | 870 mile to Vegas

As you acquire closer come the halfway suggest on your Kansas City to ras Vegas drive, you can be craving a good meal. This diner in reality made a trek from phibìc Dakota and also was rebuilt in Colorado. Give thanks to goodness, since the food is great.

Molly Brown residence Museum | 748 miles to Vegas

The Molly Brown residence Museum was the residence of American philanthropist, activist, and socialite Margaret Brown. Brown was well-known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” because she survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Iron Mountain warm Springs | 592 miles to Vegas

Road trips have the right to be tough on your back, and hot springs have the right to help. Positioned alongside the beautiful Colorado flow in Glenwood Springs and also surrounded by the Rockies views, these geothermal soaking pools space a peaceful rest stop.

Sego Canyon Rock art | 432 mile to Vegas

Sego Canyon has rock arts from three different Native American cultures: Fremont, Ute and also Barrier-style. Even if it is you’re a background buff or not, the is quiet fascinating to check out this well-preserved art sculpted right into the rocks.

Cove ft Historic site | 245 mile to Vegas

Cove fort served as an important way terminal for travelers, the Pony Express, and also telegraph lines indigenous 1867 to the early 1880s. Today, Cove fort has been revitalized as a historical site. Though temporarily closed, keep an eye the end for tours.

Peggy Sue’s 50’s style Diner | 81 miles to Vegas

Yes, an additional diner! If girlfriend didn’t obtain a opportunity to prevent at the I-70 Diner, or if you want another round that diner food, Peggy’s is a fun road pilgrimage stop. Filled through 50’s memorabilia and homemade food, girlfriend can’t go wrong through this meal.

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Some speak life isn’t only around the destination, it’s around the journey. If she planning your following trip to las Vegas, think about hitting the road and making one adventure out of it.