When Duane Chapman’s mam Beth died of neck cancer in June, fans took to social media to market up their condolences to members that the Dog the Bounty Hunter cast. One separation, personal, instance deeply impacted by the fact star’s passing was Justin Bihag, who appeared on the family’s former A&E display for 6 seasons.

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Viewers might remember Justin together Duane and Beth’s "nephew," despite he isn’t technically related to either. The made headlines in 2007 when he lost his ideal leg listed below the knee following a automobile accident. 

Though he’s been out of the spotlight for practically a decade, a fast Google find led us to the father of three’s Instagram page. Here’s what Justin is as much as these days.

The aspiring musician hasn’t always been close with the Chapmans. In 2014, Justin sue Duane and also A&E end money he claimed to be fan for appearing on the series. Follow to the New York everyday News, the Hawaii native declared that the was only paid $28,000 in spite of promises the a much more profitable contract.


In Manhattan federal Court documents, Justin likewise accused the cast and also the show’s producers of making use of his devastating vehicle crash together a "promotional tool" because that the series. "Once the Chapmans were educated of the accident, castle proceeded to carry out interviews with the media," the alleged.

Justin explained that the occurrence triggered a bottom spiral. He lost custody of among his children, came to be addicted come drugs, and also began suffering from depression. His lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

The one-car wreck caused Justin being arrested on uncertainty of steering under the influence of intoxicants, driving there is no a license, driving there is no no-fault insurance, and inattention come driving.

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On Oct. 30, Justin post a picture of himself and also Duane eating a enjoy the meal together. "No matter what has actually happened in ours lives, just a dinner and a talk can help the soul, and also our futures!" that captioned the pic. "Love friend unks, and while human being think this is the END, little do they know, this is just the BEGINNING!"


Before Beth’s death, Justin common his support for the Chapmans by speaking out versus internet trolls. "Cancer is no joke!" he wrote on might 26. "And anybody who thinks you have the right to tease or mock or hurt who going with it is not only disrespectful, but stupid af!"

He continued, "Lost my grand last year, and also it me to see family or pan come after my Aunt in ~ this time."

After she died on June 26 in ~ the age of 51, Justin once again warned haters to remain away. "If anyone desires to it is in negative, or make an adverse comments around my Aunt passing, not only are friend , yet I'm still here to back her or the family! One troll, or millions! #ShowSomeRespect #OrIWont," the commented.

The pop, R&B, and also hip-hop artist additionally paid tribute come the mom of four: "When i was little, i dreamt that Disneyland & provided me the dream! i dreamt that being someone in this life, gave me that! ns dreamt of gift a star and also offered me the front row! , I evaluate you both immensely! i wouldn't it is in me, without you!"