The elderly referee in Maycomb. He regularly looks favor he’s asleep and not payment attention, yet in reality, he pays close attention to court proceedings and is a strict and also fair judge. He has a strange habit of eating cigars throughout court proceedings, i m sorry fascinates and also delights Scout. While referee Taylor no overtly voice his assistance for Tom Robinson or Atticus throughout the trial, miss out on Maudie points out that he did assign the case to Atticus, not the newest lawyer in town, suggesting that he want Robinson to have the finest chance possible.

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The timeline below shows where the character referee Taylor appears in To kill a Mockingbird. The fancy dots and also icons show which themes are associated with that appearance.



* Atticus says that it’s a instance of he-said, she-said, and also the Ewells are involved—but John Taylor told that to take it it, and also he won’t have the ability to face his kids if...(full context)
...the children to sit in the balcony with the black color people. Enlightenment surveys the room. Judge Taylor , together usual, look at to it is in asleep. Scout hopes she have the right to watch the eat a...(full context)
Scout thinks all of this appears boring. Judge Taylor call Bob Ewell come the stand together Scout notice Jem’s grin. Bob Ewell is bright...(full context)
...Mr. Gilmer and makes a rudely joke when Mr. Gilmer asks if he’s Mayella’s father. Judge Taylor tells Mr. Ewell to no speak prefer that in his courtroom, however Scout doesn’t think...(full context)
Fixing Mr. Ewell through a glare, Judge Taylor it s okay the questioning going again. Mr. Ewell claims he experienced the room in disarray and...(full context)
...share what happened. Mayella promptly bursts into tears and says that she’s afraid of Atticus. Judge Taylor assures her that Atticus won’t scare her. Mayella states that Mr. Ewell had asked her...(full context)
...over questioning. That calls Mayella “miss” and “ma’am,” i beg your pardon offends her. Enlightenment is flabbergasted and Judge Taylor assures Mayella that Atticus is just being polite. Atticus build up a snapshot of the...(full context)
Judge Taylor calls because that a 10-minute break. Mr. Underwood snorts once he watch Scout, Jem, and also Dill...(full context)
...Mr. Gilmer rises together Mr. Deas announces the he’s never had any type of trouble from Tom. Judge Taylor litter Mr. Deas out. Mr. Gilmer asks around Tom’s disorderly command charge and also asks if...(full context)
...will if she steps back inside the courthouse. Scout traction Dill earlier into the courthouse. Judge Taylor is nearly finished with his cigar and also Atticus is currently halfway with his decided to...(full context)
Calpurnia passes Atticus a note. Atticus asks Judge Taylor come go, since his youngsters are missing, however Mr. Underwood interjects the Scout, Jem, and...(full context)
...find the the jury is still out, and few people moved. Reverend Sykes shares the Judge Taylor seemed favor he may have actually been leaning towards Tom’s side. Jem confidently announces that they’ll...(full context)
...sure authorize they convicted him. She half expects to see Atticus raise an unloaded rifle. Judge Taylor reads the verdicts: they’re all guilty. Atticus packs his things, whispers something come Tom, and...(full context)
...there’s anyone else, and also Miss Maudie points the end that the black color neighborhood, Mr. Tate, and Judge Taylor stepped up—Judge Taylor didn’t provide Tom’s instance to the newest lawyer, because that instance. Miss Maudie...(full context)
...Ewell it s okay a project with the WPA, but they fire him within days. Second, if Judge Taylor is home one Sunday night if his mam is at church, the hears one odd...(full context)
...him or Mayella, and nobody thinks he’s a hero prefer he wanted. He claims that Judge Taylor made the look like a fool and treated that contemptuously.

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(full context)
...until she misses her cue and runs onstage to record up v everyone else, i m sorry Judge Taylor finds hilarious. Mrs. Merriweather accuses scout of ruining her pageant, but Jem provides Scout feel...(full context)
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