Mongols increased their Empire"s level for largely, geographic reasons. Geographic examples would be (select all that space correct).Climate problems threatened your livestock and also fields.Trade restrictions with neighboring empires was thought unreasonable.Deaths that Mongol public official seeking organization exchanges.Hunger for an ext territory
Mongols increased their Empire"s level for largely, geographic reasons. Geographic examples would be: Climate problems threatened their livestock and also fields. Trade restrictions with neighboring empires was assumed unreasonable. Hunger for much more territory.

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Which scientist ongoing the work-related of an additional while studying the elliptical path of planets? name both scientists.Kepler advanced Copernicus" work.Newton advanced Copernicus" work.Kepler ongoing Newton"s work.Kepler ongoing Erasmus" work. Copernicus released a design of the solar system in 1543, Kepler"s work came in 1609 however could never come up through a proper theory. < Newton"s "laws of motion" and "law of universal gravitation" were released in 1687.If you have to pick one of the four options provided then I indicate it would be newton advancing Copernicus" work, since Kepler was unable to come up through an actual theory. > (More)
Choose all the apply.Three enlightened monarchs during the eighteenth century were:Joseph IICatherine the GreatLouis XIVFrederick IIHenry VIII 3 enlightened monarchs throughout the eighteenth century were: Joseph II, Catherine the Great, Frederick II. User: The theologian _____ was the first to analyze the scriptures into his native English.John HusJohn WycliffeJohn CalvinJohn Knox The theologian man Wycliffe was the first to analyze the holy bible into his indigenous English. User: choose all the apply.In its beforehand history, the Netherlands relied on these two corporations for money and also in part ways, protection:Dutch southern India CompanyDutch eastern India CompanyDutch Far eastern India CompanyDutch West India firm (More)
Who walk Joan the Arc wish to crown as king of France in ~ Rheims?Edward IIICharles VIIPhilip IVHenry II
Thomas More, who passed away for what he believed in, coined words _____.pragmaticempiricalsecularutopia
* slaves were transported to the new World indigenous Africa packed in slave ships. User: What were problems like ... Glaciers save close to 70% of every the fresh water top top Earth. Wind erosion is most common in flat, bare areas ... The halocline refers to the region below the mixed layer where salinity transforms as you relocate deeper underwater. ... A speed sign is an instance of a regulation sign. User: A yellow line signifies_____________. Traffic relocating ... 11+11 = 22 User: the outcome of the French battles of faith The outcome of the French wars of religion ...

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