When I was putting ameans the dishes this afternoon (as I uncover myself doing everyone afternoon because GROUNDHOG DAY) I asked myself a question.

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I wonder how various other people put their cups away?

You watch, putting away the dishes is so freaking boring and also I should think around shit to store me going until I deserve to gleefully re-stack the dishwasher once aget. Seriously, if it was ok to just buy disposable crockery I would certainly. Anymeans, I digress. I was placing ameans my cups – rim up. Almeans rim up, via the handles all the encountering in the exact same direction and I wondered to myself if I was doing it the right means. Are they meant to be rim down? ARE THEY? AND IF SO, WHO DECIDES THESE THINGS? Is there an official cup putter-awayer decider?

So, I did what any kind of good blogger does and I asked my community. And some of the answers were surprising.

Reannon said: “Facing dvery own & I obtain really happy as soon as all the cups of the same pattern or size are in the very same row. It NEVER happens because my kids put the dishes away but once I’m tidying up I’ll obtain them in a nice order & I feel great. I’m such a weirdo.” (Hard to tell which is better – having actually neat cups or not having to put them away?)

Prue wrote: “Up through handles encountering the very same method. Down is all kinds of wrong, shelf dust around the rim wright here you put your mouth. No oxygen getting in, so yucky.” (Prue – how does your mouth cope through breathing in that yucky oxygen all day I wonder?)

Nikki declared: “We have actually a wild mug arsenal and also I save them up, dvery own and hanging on hooks.” (Now, that is wild.)

Cut My Milk said: “I’m a rim-down-handles-in-same-direction-ocd kinda gal. I can’t sleep if I understand the spoons & forks aren’t neat in the drawer!” (This made me run to inspect if in truth my cutlery was “neat”).

I wonder what Cut My Milk would think of Peta’s cupboard: “I have them alternating one up one down, handles all one method, glasses also and by size… I have actually er rules around this as it maximizes the room & it drives me mental if it is out of order.”

Cate said: “Rim dvery own. Keeps out dust, creepy crawlies and also mice. Due to the fact that they all make tea taste funny.” But then Kim-Marie replied: “I rinse my cups with boiling water before I usage them. I like warmth cups.” (How many creepy crawlies do you have in your cupboards people?)

Kim-Marie also said: “Up. Down is is for weirdos. Sorry to the weirdos. I have even more cups than cupboard space so they go whatever method they can. But always constantly facing up.” (This began a little bit of a tangent conversation around weirdos. And Kim, I indicate you revisit your heat cups comment and also then decide that is the weirdo!)

And simply when I was thinking I was the weirexecute for also asking the question in the initially location, Babymac piped up with: “Keeps me awake at night too. Look! I also composed a blog short article around it. You just can’t say that I don’t have actually top quality content.” (Never)

I wasn’t gaining any kind of definitive answers till my Mum jumped into the conversation: “Rim up, it prevents chipping (same through glasses). I can wipe any kind of dust ameans but as soon as the rim is chipped you must throw the cup ameans. Don’t treatment about which means the handles go.” (Very true)

Seeing that Mum is looking after my kids so I deserve to go out and drink beer and also watch bands tonight, I am going to agree via her. Oh, and I likewise save my cups rim up, but through the handles dealing with in the same direction (appears the anal gene skipped a generation). For the document, I also rinse my cups prior to use. And if I’m remaining somewright here through foul water, I usage bottled water to rinse them. Yes, I do.

OK I’m pretty certain the answer to the question – what is the ideal way to put ameans your cups has not been answered in this blog write-up. But it has displayed that we are all a funny lot, via exceptionally strong views around cup placement. I love all the answers. Tell me in the comments which method you prefer?

Now I’m off to make sure my cutlery is all facing up in the drawer.

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Stay tuned for the next instalment of what’s in Bianca’s brain once she is doing boring family members chores.