Islam is a monotheistic religion like Judaism and also Christianity, and also like those religions, that teaches that God created the whole universe and also everything in it. God is the grasp designer who placed order and purpose in his creation, and also he rules end it through compassion and mercy. Whatever in development depends upon God, the Sustainer, for its existence. The function of all creation, consisting of humans, is to love and also serve God.

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The an extremely name of the religion, Islam, way submission or obedience come God, and the Muslim is one that submits or surrenders come God and recognizes Muhammad as God"s prophet. All created things accomplish their assigned purpose by offer God. Plants and also animals, rocks and minerals, rain and also wind, stars and also planets all naturally fulfill the objective for i m sorry they to be designed. By doing so, castle worship and serve God. Whatever in nature, by exhilaration according to its design, offer God"s will. In a sense, the totality universe is Muslim due to the fact that it surrenders come the divine purpose.

The opening Chapter that the holy Quran
In the surname of Allah, many Gracious, most Merciful.Praise it is in to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;Most Gracious, many MercifulMaster that the work of JudgmentThee carry out we worship, and Thine aid we seekShow us the directly way,The method of those on whom Thou hast bestowed your Grace, those that (portion) is no wrath, and go not astray.

Islam teaches that God produced humans native clay and also breathed the spirit of life into them. The separated them indigenous the rest of production by providing them three magnificent gifts: knowledge to differentiate the true indigenous the false, a will certainly that can openly choose in between them, and also the power of decided to worship. Because of these gifts, world are the noblest that God"s creatures, superior to the rest of nature. However, world are not perfect. Although no sinful by nature, people are breakable to temptation. Since they are rebellious and proud, they often forget the they are dependent ~ above God.

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A page from the Quran. Source: ranoush <br><p>What walk it typical to offer God, according to Islam? The answer lies in God