For the very first time in end a decade, TV viewers are going to sit down for a loss season the doesn"t have actually Michael Weatherly kicking things off together NCIS special agent Tony DiNozzo. The gibbs will rather be at the facility of his own brand-new show, the CBS drama Bull, which has actually him working through Dr. Phil McGraw, the co-creator that House and the creator of In Treatment. Understandably, Weatherly to be intrigued by every the big names involved, yet he revealed his decision to return to TV so conveniently was eventually guided through his NCIS dad, veteran gibbs Robert Wagner. Here"s exactly how Weatherly put it.

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You add all the stuff together, and... yes, really a compelling, rich, difficult idea. So ns took all of that information, every those different elements, and also I sat down through Robert Wagner, that played mine dad ~ above NCIS, and also I said, "What execute you think the this?" and he simply stared at me and also said, "You have to think around this?" So it was type of a no-brainer.

So not just do we have Robert Wagner to champion because that Hart to Hart and also Austin Powers" Number Two, however we can likewise give the our appreciation because that being a voice of reason for Michael Weatherly once the actor was planning on whereby to take it his career. Weatherly knew he wanted a change after 13 years of NCIS, but TV audiences weren"t ever guaranteed to get much more from that so quickly after bowing out of that gig.

Michael Weatherly told TV overview that he"d initially had actually it in his head the he"d obtain some rest and also relaxation ~ NCIS, however that there was a bigger score in mind.

I to be so comfortable through Tony DiNozzo top top NCIS was exciting when that appeared to have actually run its course. Ns thought possibly it"s since I"m obtaining older and I simply want to have actually a different experience. And NCIS wasn"t the place for that. Ns was yes, really just trying to find a change, and I didn"t know exactly what that would certainly be. In every honesty, ns didn"t think it was going to be another full-order network hour drama. Simply since that schedule is punishing, and I"ve been doing it because that the last 16 years.

If Bull access time upon the same audience numbers that NCIS does, then he"ll likely be feather at an additional 16 years in front of the cameras. (He to be on Dark Angel prior to joining the procedural.) You deserve to head below to see what us thought around the new drama, i m sorry will watch Weatherly together a trial scientist whose skillset has being may be to read potential jurors much better than human being can check out words. Based in part on the real-life history of Dr. Phil, Bull access time both the worlds of legal and also crime shows and also stars Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, kris Jackson, Jaime Lee Kirchner and also Annabelle Attanasio.

It won"t it is in long before we deserve to see Michael Weatherly lastly getting into an additional character"s mindset when Bull debuts top top CBS top top Tuesday, September 20, in ~ 9:00 p.m. ET. Come see once NCIS" brand-new cast members and all your other favorite reflects are coming, examine out our loss premiere schedule.

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