Here’s just how to make the ideal shower door cleaner ever using Dawn & vinegar~a powerhouse combo to leaving glass shower head doors sparkling clean.

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Update: I recently found that the Dawn-Vinegar solution also works come clean the greasy gunk from oven doors. I’ll share this great discovery in ~ the end of this post!

What room shower doors do of?

Most shower doors room made of tempered glass, a special kind of glass the is safer if damaged than continual glass. In this post, I have actually only experiment this solution on glass shower head doors. Ns am not recommending it for any other shower door or for any type of tile, stone or marble.

What causes white stains on shower head doors?

Most white stains on shower doors are difficult water stains, sometimes dubbed soap scum. The is what continues to be on shower doors when difficult water mixes v dirt, soap residue, and also body oils. If allowed to develop up over time, the shop harden and also can be very complicated to clean. The many commonplace because that soap scum come cling is come the shower doors that are supplied regularly. The steam, water, soaps, shampoos, and other bathing commodities eventually end up leading to a cloudy film on the shower head doors the is very unattractive.

What dish soap works ideal to clean shower doors?

Dawn is the just dish soap that I ever before use~for dishes and also for clean shower doors. Why? In a word~grease. Dawn is the just dish soap (to mine knowledge) comprise a one-of-a-kind grease fighting certified dealer that virtually melts grease into oblivion.

What is the finest vinegar to clean shower doors?

The vinegar that works in this dynamic Dawn & vinegar duo is level white distilled vinegar. That is the least expensive vinegar you deserve to buy, and it is also the ideal one to handle this and other household cleaning tasks. Distilled white vinegar is the “workhorse” or every vinegar!

What tools execute I have to clean my shower doors?

The devices that I use to clean my shower doors with the Dawn & vinegar solution area microfiber cloth or clean washcloth to wipe down the shower head doors after they have actually been sprayed through the solution, a great spray shower head to rinse the solution, and a squeegee (if i can uncover it) come wipe the shower head doors dry.

Dawn & vinegar works far better than keep bought cleaners.

I’ve tried myriad cleaners especially for bathrooms~from Rain-X come scrubbing bubbles and also beyond. I’ve never ever had any kind of store to buy cleaner work much better than this easy, inexpensive, DIY Dawn vinegar solution.

What is therefore special around Dawn and vinegar?

Dawn breaks under grease and grime. Of every the dishwashing soaps you have the right to buy, Dawn is the finest at remove oils. In oil spills, the is the best solution for cleaning the birds’ feathers there is no harming your skin. The reason? Dawn includes petroleum. It sound counterintuitive, however it works.

Which Dawn need to I usage for shower head door cleaner?

If you desire the breakdown of the different Dawn dish detergent options, i list lock below. In my opinion, any Dawn will perform a beautiful job, together with vinegar, of cleaning shower doors.

The New and also Improved Dawn Ultra Blue has “3X much more Grease clean Power.” it is 3 times stronger than non-ultra Dawn (regular Dawn).3X Dawn is 50% more powerful than the 2X varieties.Note the some other varieties the Dawn Ultra still speak “2X Grease clean Power.”

The recipe because that Dawn & vinegar shower door cleaner.

Use equal parts Dawn + vinegar. Girlfriend can additionally cut the Dawn if her mixture is too thick.Heat the solution in the microwave for 2 minute (do no boil). Line well, and also pour right into the bottle once not also hot. This is crucial for the reliable mixing/blending of the mixture.

How to clean shower doors with Dawn + Vinegar.

Spray the Dawn + Vinegar equipment liberally on dried shower doors. Wet shower head doors dilute the mixture. Also, the systems clings to dried shower doors much better than wet ones.Leave on for at least 2-3 minutes. I shower when the systems is on my shower doors i m sorry takes about 5 minutes.Wipe shower head doors v a wet washcloth. Ns toss one extra washcloth right into the shower with me once I setup to wash the shower head doors. I let it get wet while i am showering, and it is ready to use once it is time to wipe the Dawn + Vinegar equipment off the shower head doors.Rinse shower head doors with warm water. My shower head head is handheld, for this reason I begin from the top and rinse every the doors till they are crystal clear.

Baking soda also works come clean shower doors.

Note: If you perform the process while showering, be prepared for a strong vinegar smell. This doesn’t really bother me in ~ all since vinegar is natural and non-toxic.

Dawn Vinegar for cooktop Door Gunk

Watch me use Dawn & vinegar as an oven door cleaner.

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I recently uncovered that Dawn & vinegar shower door systems is hugely effective at cleaning stove doors. If you have an oven, you know exactly how the doors gain covered in “gunk” do of grease. See below how reliable this equipment is at removing cooktop door gunk.