The standard automobile headlight colors space white or yellowish-white. But headlights of different colors are available, such together blue, green, and red. Are colored headlights legal? over there is no straightforward answer. It demands a small explanation to understand which people are permitted and which room not.

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Many chauffeurs want come personalize the watch of their car, including the headlights. Yet you need to keep in mind the they room a security component. So, customization rule are most likely to it is in bound by some legal obligations.

Are fancy Headlights Legal?

Yes and no. Why? since there are different rules because that public road and off-road driving.

They are legal as soon as you use them turn off the roadway or in a private property like in her driveway. Turning them on if driving top top the highway or city roads is fully illegal.

The laws may slightly differ in various U.S. States, yet they are essentially the same. For example, the California vehicle Code section of 25950 plainly states that the life visible in front of a car should be one of two people white or yellow. The same rule applies to tail lights, rotate signals, and brake lights.

Colored headlights and also tail lights are illegal. Source:

The only exceptions at the behind side marker lamps that could be read. Also the fog lamps must be in the spectrum indigenous white come yellow shades.

Are yellow headlights legal? It’s clear from the regulations that they are, and also so are white lights.

Other colors room not street legal and also you have the right to use them only for an individual use, such as a photo shoot or a advertising purpose.


What about the Blue Headlights

Are colored headlights legal? you have obtained the answer that they are not. But what around blue headlights? specific popular headlight varieties such together LED, Xenon, and also some halogen lights space blue. Space they legal?

Yes, castle are. Lock emit shining white light regardless of looking blue to human eyes due to the fact that the headlights we space accustomed come seeing space closer come the yellow color spectrum, no white.

LED and Xenon or HID headlights are currently highly popular. If you space confused regarding using them due to their blue emission, don’t be. Castle are totally safe and legal to usage everywhere.

Color Headlights for Cars

So, the legal headlight colors are yellow and also white. Blue headlights are also legal due to the fact that they appear nearly white.

Why various other colors room not legal, you can be asking yourself. Well, it’s all about visibility. Lamp of other colors, such together red, purple, or green, are much less visible to other chauffeurs in the dark.

Blue headlights space legal. Source:

The driver himself also won’t see the road clearly. Through these headlights on, control in foggy or hazy conditions would be incredibly dangerous.

Are fancy headlights legal? Yes, lock are, yet in particular conditions. You deserve to install them in your automobile but have to switch on come white, yellow, or blue lights when driving on windy roads.

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To stay on the safe side, never forget to inspect the regulations of your area before going for an aftermarket headlight fixture.