Anyone dumpster dive Appleton or green bay area at all? Seems like a few people do on appleton. I was diving a store this morning and bags were ripped open and gone through. I found a stolen purse in a cardboard dumpster a few days ago with Everything was still in it. Haven't done too good in the Appleton area maybe I will try green bay? Any thoughts on what stores to hit up in Appleton or green bay?


Holler free was my last resort that morning I normally don't even go there but I was getting skunked all over . Same spot is alright but is kinda revealing in Appleton at 2 locations.. I was going to hit up hpb this morning but I didn't feel like it

I've seen multiple people dive at HPB before but everyone I've run into is super nice. I think HPB throws out a lot so most divers can share.

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Nice! I always go by myself, kinda risky but I'm extra careful. I don't know anyone who dives around here so I have to be. Kinda crappy the other day, hpb had nasty food and garbage in there bin............ Haven't really seen that before in there stuff. I saw you found a Pokemon display? I seen a really nice one at lame spot Sunday morning but it was soaked from the rain.......

Yeah there was like a Kiosk. My friend plays a lot of Pokémon so I grabbed that sign for him. I think he already had a kiosk thing like that too.

It really depends on what you're looking for. I haven't had any luck at all in Green Bay. Appleton has always been good for me though. Any items you're looking for in particular?

Not really anything in particular. I dive alot of places and have had a few good finds. Seems like Appleton gets hit pretty good though nightly in some spots. Had a pretty good find though the other night at hollar free ! I probably miss out on alot of stuff because I usually go really early around 4 or 5 am . Seems like alot of people go at night and get what's thrown away that day.

Found this late. I'm in Green Bay. Hit and miss up here. I've found that there are a few tricks. First, the suburbs. GB proper is too full of curious people. Second, since you're in the suburbs, you need an inconspicuous vehicle. A cargo van is great for cargo, but guaranteed to get the police called casing a property at 2200. A late model SUV? Not so much.

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