I have actually a to like on this girl (who is additionally Muslim) yet I haven"t yet talked to her properly. I haven"t made much initiative to contact her or have any sort of relationship with her. We supplied to walk to the same coaching class and our colleges were separated right into boys and girls. Ns did not purposely gaze in ~ her, it to be unavoidable and purely unintentional together we were in the exact same coaching class. She just knows that i exist and nothing else has actually happened between us. I simply wanted to recognize whether the feeling I"m having towards this girl is haram or halal?

Secondly is the permissible for united state to do a wish to Allah swt to obtain us married come the human being that we love?



Feeling love and affection in the direction of others (that has to the contrary genders) is a herbal phenomenon. Your question really sounds same as "Is eat halal?". The is OK to love rather as lengthy as that emotion is not bring about deviations in performing your day-to-day duties and also obligations and within the boundaries of simple mmsanotherstage2019.comic principles(e.g., emotion sexually attracted in the direction of mahrams is past those limits).

And yes, it is yes sir to make dua and also ask Allah to do you gain married v the person you like.


I don"t think so that any form of pre marital partnership is permitted in mmsanotherstage2019.com If you like the girl then you have the right to ask dua native Allah and also convince her parents to your parents for marriage.


I think that is not haram to like someone but acting upon the crush by questioning them the end or even just check them out is haram.


You can not avoid yourself from having that feeling. However,acting top top that emotion or having actually dirty thoughts about this person is haram.

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In Sha Allah you will be married to the best person

I don"t think it is haram. I have the exact same situation and I simply wish because that her finest in this world and the next. Yet I dont think the adultrey or zina because that her. So, ns don;t uncover anything wrong about it.

Crush is not something girlfriend have control over, so it"s okay. And also I believe if you have the ideal intentions, it"s completely fine to make such dua.

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I have actually a question brother, space you native Bangladesh by any type of chance reason I feel choose I recognize you. If you are, what"s her name?

No brother. It"s not Haraam come love a girl and have feelings in her heart about her. Friend can additionally Dua come Allah Taala around getting married to her love. Yet remember on thing. Connection is Haram so perform not approach her because that Friendship. If you yes, really love her and want come marry she then girlfriend should fulfill her and also tell her around it. Phone call her the you room in love with her. InshAllah her feelings for you will be tge same. Yet don"t do any kind of kind of relationship with her. Simply stay in touch with her until you space grown up and well stable. Then you can tell her Parents about it.

Having a to like is a herbal feeling you gain as you acquire older. For this reason it"s yes as lengthy as girlfriend don"t act upon it you"re fine

It’s a natural feeling yet don’t deliberately overthink around that human as that is fully forbidden in mmsanotherstage2019.com

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Is that permissible because that an engaged women and also man to have sex and also go out together and touch each other?
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