Back in mid December, I offered my reader the opportunity to test out a Hyland’sCold medication product by supplying a $1 turn off coupon. As soon as they tested the end a product, ns asked the they send me a brief review the the product and an optional picture. Tothose that participated in my test and tell event, I readily available a giveaway that a Hyland’s youngsters prize load worth over $80.

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The Test and also Tell Turnout

I had 11 readers at first ask to participate in this exclude, event, however only 6readers submitted their reviews.

About Hyland’s sneeze & Cold 4 Kids

“Agreat solution for multi-symptom cold relief for her children. Our 100% natural formula supplies safe and also effective symptom relief of common cold symptoms, including sneezing, sore throat, and also congestion. This fast-acting homeopathic formula is safe for youngsters 2 year old and also up and comes in a an excellent tasting sugar-free base the they won’t mind taking. Once colds strike, to trust Hyland’s Cold ‘n cough 4 youngsters to relieve the many symptoms of the common cold.”

About Hyland’s baby Tiny Cold Tablets

“Sniffles and coughs barge into a healthy baby’s system as quick as a sneeze and also a bless you! Our tiny Cold tablet computers are just as pushy. They pull up the welcome matt fast and shoo away runny noses and also congestion. Relief come in and insists that the cold germs take a hike. No need for man-made anything. Simply all organic cold medication that knows its place and does that is job.”

My Experience

My household tried the Cold ‘N cough 4 Kids, Baby cough Syrup and also Tiny Cold Tablets and also we love castle all. About the same time together my test and also tell occasion launched, mine daughter and also I come down with a poor cold that lasted 3 weeks. We started out with horrible runny noses, coughs and sore throats. I was an extremely amazed with how well the tiny Cold Tablets operated for my daughter. They assisted her runny nose and congestion and she loves acquisition them. I personally took the Cold ‘N cough 4 kids and it really did work-related to ease my cough. The flavor to be fantastic, like juice. I gave my daughter the Baby sneeze Syrup and it amazingly functioned like a charm, too. My family members is a Hyland’s family for life.

Let’s view what our test & call Participants had actually to say around their Hyland’s Products:

“I purchase the Hyland’s tiny cold tablets and have been an extremely happy with the results! i love the the product is natural and not full of yucky medicine so ns feel for sure to provide this to mine children. The small packaging is perfect to fit into a diaper bag and also my children don’t mind acquisition them at all. I did an alert that their noses did protect against running and they appeared to feel much better. Because that the price of simply under $8 ns think the this is a great homeopathic remedy because that the runny sleep that all moms have actually to battle from time come time! I will certainly defiantly it is in recommending this to all my other mom friends as well as the teething tablets! ns swear by those things!! give thanks to you Hyland’s because that making together a great product I deserve to trust!!!”


Monica Platz – (Purchased top top Amazon $8.60)

“I loved this product — it is every natural, street free, really DOES taste pretty an excellent and has actually no after-taste! that doesn’t stimulate my kids or do them sleepy and doesn’t contain any kind of aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, for this reason it’s for sure to usage with other meds there is no the risk of over-dosing. It’s gentle and safe! I choose that it allowed my kids to sleep in ~ night so that they might actually obtain the remainder that they required to heal, there is no coughing all night. I additionally appreciated the it functioned quickly.”


Sandling every Day – (Purchased in ~ Walgreens $4.99)

“I make the efforts Hyland’s cough & Cold on mine 7yr old, who seems to it is in sick every the time. (schools…yuck!) prior to I offer him a new medicine, I constantly check the taste. Contrasted to the multitudes of medications that came before it, it had a really good taste.

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My son had actually no problem taking it, so the was a bonus. Ns love the it’s every natural, so i don’t have to worry about what ingredients space in it, and also if they’re harmful to my child. I really choose that it doesn’t have actually the side-effects that his usual sneeze syrup has, which reason him to gain really drowsy. While it’s great at night, it doesn’t work well for daytime, which way I need to buy a 2nd medicine. The main thing that ns liked, was the it worked! His throat felt better, the sneezed and also coughed less, and I didn’t have to provide it come him together often.All in all, ns would very recommend Hyland’s sneeze & Cold, and also moreso, I’d use it again!”
“Teddy is a an extremely active boy and has lots of activities during a week consisting of swimming, skating and also gym. He also goes to a daycare and also attends different kid’s events. So through his schedule and also interactions that is simple to acquire sick. It is why when I was offered to testimonial a Hyland’s product for kids I was passionate to learn more about homeopathic drugs for kids. After part research and other parental guidance I determined to offer it a try because on Wednesday this mainly Teddy had a terrible fever above 40C and also did no sleep well. I confirm store locator and found one close to us, so us went there and also bought Hyland’s Cold’n cough 4 kids. An excellent that the store had actually 20% off Hyland assets that day.By the moment we gained our Hyland’s Cold’n cough 4 youngsters Teddy’s temperature dropped yet he began coughing, having nasal congestion and also sore throat. First time Teddy refuse to take the medicine so us just forced a little bit. The effect was ideal away Teddy slept the entirety night without any cough and also his eyes became clearer the cold symptoms. Today is Saturday and we continue giving him the medicine, and I hope he will be good by the end of Sunday. I choose that Hyland’s Cold’n cough 4 children is a homeopathic syrup, street free, safe and effective together it is a relief because that multiple cold symptoms(they usually show up altogether).Teddy is very picky through tastes, Hyland’s Cold’n sneeze 4 children is fine, no irritating and also not sweet, however Teddy is still acquiring used to it, but at least for currently my boy does not refuse to take it it.It is an extremely disappointing to gain sick during holidays, and I expect Teddy will much better very soon so we can continue our activities, there room so countless to reap this vacation season.”
My grandfather claimed to be straight descendant of the Taino Indians and also was constantly teaching us means to usage nature for our health. Honey was constantly prevalent in any type of home remedy the was all set to combat ours colds and also flu’s. Gift a solitary mother, it’s difficult to whip increase the remedies I require for mine kids and sometimes i can’t find the ingredients vital for the recipes.Hyland’snew cough and also cold medication line meets my needs. These products are every natural and also even smell like pure honey. My girl loved the medicine so much, they in reality asked me to make them peanut butter and honey sandwiches do from the medicine!!!
When any kind of store bought medicine tastes and also smells so an excellent that the children want it for lunch, the scores high top top my mom approved products list. It’s sometimes difficult to acquire the girls to drink medication because they are hardly ever sick, yet they to be lining up because that moreHyland’s cough Syrup. Ns would certainly purchase this again for my girls, even though it was complicated to find at first. The price is more than many conventional drugs out their, yet for some reason natural commodities are always much more expensive.”

“The price of Hyland’s was comparable with various other cold and cough medicine. Paying $7.99 (which was what mine Walgreen’s regular price) was agreeable come me. Yet this time, my Walgreen had all Hyland’s commodities on sale because that $4.99. Having the coupon, I just paid $4.48 (tax included). My boy who had to take it this product called me that there to be no flavor. No medication taste which is good for kids. Taking the medicine, my son was able to sleep without all the coughing from his cold. I prefer the idea of providing medicine the works and also that is for sure for mine kids.” complete review HERE.