Diamond is 100 % Carbon, atom number 6 ~ above the periodic table. Gold, symbol Au is atom number 79 and is prefer diamond, a pure substance.

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Rust meanwhile is ferric oxide or Fe2O3. The mineral is referred to as Hematite. It has a blood red streak. That is, if you think you have actually some hematite, rub the mineral on an unglazed ceramic tile (called a streak plate) and the streak is blood red.

Answer 2:

The aspect in diamond is carbon (symbol C). Shot and uncover C in the regular table. Diamonds, an especially high high quality ones, are really pure carbon. Occasionally however, small amounts of carbons next-door neighbors in the regular table, such as boron (symbol B), and also Nitrogen (symbol N) are likewise found in diamond. These have tendency to offer diamonds various colors.

Gold is one element (symbol Au). The facet symbol Au comes from the Latin word because that gold i beg your pardon is aurum. Pure gold is generally only supplied to keep money in banks. In jewelry (which is the greatest use that gold) the gold is usually mixed with part copper (symbol Cu)to provide it much more strength.

Rust is commonly a mixture of stole (symbol Fe) oxygen (symbol O) and also some hydrogen (symbol H). Many rust has actually the chemical formula FeO2H, likewise written together FeO (OH), and also mineral surname of this product is lepidocrocite (pronounced lay-pedo-kro-kite).

Answer 3:

First, yellow is one element. The is an extremely malleable and also ductile. Due to the fact that pure yellow is relatively soft, it is often linked with other steels to make alloys to do it a little stronger. The alloys space what you typically find in jewelry,etc.

Diamonds are consisted of of the elementcarbon. Also, graphite is also made increase of carbon. The just difference in between the two is the means that the atoms space bonded together.

Interestingly, graphite is the much more stable form of carbon, so diamonds will at some point turn right into graphite (diamonds aren"t really forever!). However, this process takes countless years.

Rust is the common name for iron oxide, which together the name implies, is consisted of of the elements iron and also oxygen. The compound isFe2O3. Iron combinesquickly with oxygen, and the process of turningiron come iron oxide is an example of corrosion.

You have the right to see things favor steel rust because steel has iron.

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The fast answer is: Diamond is a pure element, carbon; gold is a pure element, gold; and rust is a compound, iron Oxide, of iron andOxygen.

Diamond is pure elemental carbon, compressed to its crystal form, under excessive heat and also pressure deep within the Earth. The symbol because that carbon is C.

Gold is additionally an element, in and of itself. Its prize is Au. The does not easily kind compounds so the is found by itself, in stream bed (placer deposits) or in veins in rocks.

Rust is a compound: iron Oxide. The is found all over; everywhere iron and oxygen come in contact! Both iron and oxygen type compounds fairly easily, therefore they room not readily uncovered alone. (The oxygen you breathe is O2, not elemental oxygen.)

Rust can come in various forms, since iron (symbol Fe) normally gives increase 2 or 3 electrons once it forms compounds. We speak to these "oxidation states." once iron givesup 2 electrons, it it s okay a +2 charge, and also when itgives increase 3 electrons, it gets a +3 charge. Come makea neutral compound it have to then bond with someelement in the appropriate ratio so regarding removeits "excess" positive charge (or, replace itsdeficit an unfavorable charge).

Oxygen (symbol O) typically takes 2 electrons as soon as bonding with steels (including hydrogen). So, because that a well balanced compound of iron oxide, you have actually either FeO or Fe2O3. Here"s what ns mean: for FeO, you have one Fe(+2) and also one O(-2) = FeO. This compound is additionally called Iron(II)Oxide. That is one type of rust. The dues balance like this:(+2) + (-2) = 2 - 2 = 0.

The other kind of rust, Fe2O3, is 2 Fe(+3) and three O(-2), writtenFe2O3, and also calledIron(III)Oxide. The charges balance likethis:2(+3) + 3(-2) = 6 - 6 = 0.

I expect thishelps. Ideal wishes.

Answer 5:

Diamond is a polymorph the the facet carbon (C). To provide you an idea of the numerous uses the carbon, the macromolecules in our bodies, including DNA, proteins, sugars, and also lipids, every contain carbon. Also, the soft command in yourpencil, graphite, is additionally made up of carbon. Theelement in gold is that course, yellow (Au). The mostpure form of yellow jewelry as you probably understand is24 karats an interpretation no other aspects are presentwithin the stone. Common impurities in lowerkarat gold incorporate silver (Ag), copper(Cu), andpalladium (Pd).

Rust is iron-oxide consists of the aspects iron and oxygen. as soon as water touchesan iron surface the water starts reacting withcarbon dioxide in the air and also forms carbonic acid, a weak acid. The presence of the acid causes the iron to dissolve. at the exact same time, the water starts break apart into oxygen and also hydrogen. The oxygen native the breakdown of water reacts v the dissolved iron developing iron oxide, rust.

Answer 6:

GOLDGold is an element, an interpretation that itconsists only of one type of atom that cannot it is in chemically broken down right into smaller parts. The only method to break yellow down right into smallercomponents would be through nuclear reaction that change the number of protons and electrons, the positively and also negatively charged particles, inside the gold atoms.

The facet gold is denoted by the prize Au in the periodic Table of Elements. Gold is characterized by having actually 79 protons and, in its elemental or uncharged state, additionally has 79 electrons. In that most typical isotope, gold has actually 118 neutrons. yellow is typicallyfound in nature in very tiny quantities mixedinto a form of rock dubbed ore, yet can likewise be found in riverbed sediments. DIAMONDSDiamonds are composed almost entirely of the facet carbon, regularly with some other impurities in them, such together nitrogen (i.e., pure diamonds are totally carbon). The aspect carbon come in three different natural forms, or allotropes: diamond,graphite, and amorphous. Although each of theseforms is composed totally of carbon, the carbon atoms space organized and also bonded differently, developing unique properties because that each.

Diamonds are created under too much pressure and also heat, 100-200 kilometers listed below the Earth"s surface, through bonding carbon right into a three-dimensional decision network. Diamonds space the hardest organic substance known to us. Graphite different from diamonds in the thecarbon atoms space bonded into flat sheets, creatinga black, slippery substance that is among thesoftest substances recognized to man. Graphite is whatpencil command is made the end of. Amorphous carbon,otherwise recognized as soot, forms when a carbon-basedmaterial burns, or combusts, without enough oxygento convert it completely to carbon dioxide.

Carbon is defined by having6 protons and 6 electrons, and usually 6 neutrons. This isotope of carbon is dubbed carbon-12, withthe number 12 introduce to the atom mass, ornumber of neutron plus protons. Carbon alsoexists in the isotope carbon-14, v 8 neutrons, yet this type is stormy (a radiation isotope) and also decays into nitrogen-14 over time by release an electron and also converting a neutron right into a proton. For more information about carbon, view this web page: Carbon.

RUSTRust is a molecule that is created of two elements: steel (Fe, atomic number 26) and also oxygen (O, atomic number 8). The chemical formula because that rust is Fe2O3,which is referred to as iron oxide, yet is additionally known together ferric oxide or hematite, amongst other names. The word ferric describes iron ions through a+3 charge (or v 23 electrons), conversely, ferrousrefers to iron ions with a +2 fee (or with 24electrons). I think this words may have a Latinderivation, although i am not particular what theirLatin meanings or root is.

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Rust creates when the oxygen in wait or in water combines with iron, i m sorry is a major component of steel, for example. Every oxygen atom basically steals two electrons native the iron, developing oxygen atoms through a 2 fee (O-2 ions), while each iron atom donates three electrons to the oxygen, forming iron atoms v a +3 charge (Fe+3 ions, also known together ferric).

Since the oxygen ions room negatively charged and also the iron ions are positively charged, castle attract and also create one ionic bond that forms rust. This form of reaction is known as a reduction-oxidation reaction, or a red-ox reaction, whereby oxygen is claimed to be decreased (hence the reduction, or decrease, in oxygens electrical charge) and also the stole is stated to be oxidized by the oxygen. The chemical equation for the formation of rust is:4(Fe) + 3(O2) =4(Fe+3) + 6(O-2) = 2(Fe2O3)