Eighteen cooking enthusiasts foraging through an edible world for ingredients? It doesn’t sound like any type of ordinary TV show, that’s because that sure.

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Crazy Delicious, and it’s practically 100% edible set, arrived at British displays from Tuesday, January 21st 2020. Each week three contestants will go head come head to produce stunning and an innovative dishes. This very first season aired top top Channel 4 yet will it is in released because that the human being to enjoy on Netflix this Wednesday, June 24th.

Channel 4 and Netflix have carried something entirely different come the table v its brand brand-new cooking collection Crazy Delicious. Carla hall stars in the display alongside chefs hoston Blumenthal and also Niklas Ekstedt. So, let’s meet Carla’s husband!


Carla hall husband, hoston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt

Who is Carla?

Carla Hall is just one of the three ‘Food Gods’ featured ~ above brand brand-new Channel 4 cooking competition crazy Delicious.

The 55-year-old was born in Nashville, Tennessee and originally operated as an accountant, then a runway model before moving into cooking.

In 2001 Carla opened her own catering firm which is now named Alchemy by Carla Hall.

She to be selected to take part in height Chef in 2008 as a contestant and was a runner up to Hosea Rosenberg.

Carla Hall: Husband

Carla hall is a married woman. She met she husband, Matthew Lyons, via Match.com at the age of 42.

The soul food enthusiast stays in D.C. V Matthew. The pair have actually been married since 2006.

According come Bravotv.com, Carla was pressurised through her mom to uncover a companion after she turned 40: “My mommy would call me every Saturday, saying, ‘Carla, are you going out? room you going come church? are you doing anything? Going to the grocery store?"”


(Photo through Fred Lee/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images)

Do Carla and also Matthew have kids?

It no look together though Carla has had children of she own.

However, she is a stepmother come Noah, Matthew’s child from a ahead relationship.

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Carla takes to Instagram top top the regular. Uncover her under the manage
carlaphall. She has around 370,000 followers. However, it seems that she prefers to keep her private life private, together very couple of photos that herself and her immediate family feature on she feed.





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