Talking about your pet in French

If you want to say what pets you have, you require the verb listen avoir (to have).

First subject pronouns go prior to the verb mmsanotherstage2019.comme tell united state who is doing the action, choose 'I' in English:

J' (in prior of a mmsanotherstage2019.comllection or the letter h)I

Then include the mmsanotherstage2019.comrrect form of the verb avoir. Have the right to you spot exactly how the spelling of avoir transforms as the human doing the verb changes?



I have
listen Tu asYou have
listen Elle aShe has
listen Il aHe has

For example:‎


J’ai un chat – I have a cat ‎listen Tu together un lapin – You have actually a rabbitlisten Elle a une souris – She has a mouse
Try utilizing listen j’ai to do sentences with the lists of pets below.

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Note that in French, nouns room grouped right into either masculine or feminine nouns, so words for 'a' in French is


un for masculine nouns hear une because that feminine nouns You deserve to learn an ext about masculine and also feminine nouns in Indefinite and also definite articles.

Masculine nounsEnglishFeminine nounsEnglish

un chat

a catlisten une araignéea spider
listen un chiena doglisten une sourisa mouse
listen un chevala horselisten une tortuea tortoise

Using the negative in French

To speak you don’t have any pets, you must use the negative form the the verb.

Look at the hopeful and an unfavorable statements below. Deserve to you point out the differences?

Positive: J'ai un animal - I have actually a petNegative: Je n’ai pas d’animal - ns don't have any type of pets

To revolve a optimistic statement right into a an unfavorable one, follow these three steps:

Add ne or n' (before a vowel) in prior of the verb avoir.

Add pas ~ the verb.

To to speak 'any', you change the indefinite write-up (un / une) through de or d' (before a vowel).

Try making her own negative statements with several of the pet words above. Below are some instances to acquire you started:


J'ai un chat

I have actually a catlisten Je n’ai pas de chatI don't have a cat
listen J'ai un chienI have a doglisten Je n’ai pas de chienI don't have actually a dog
listen J'ai une sourisI have actually a mouselisten Je n’ai pas de sourisI don't have actually a mouse

Talking around other pets in French

To questioning what something is, you have the right to say hear Qu'est-ce que c'est ? – What is it?

To answer, usage listen c'est – the is.


C'est un singe ! – It's a monkey!listen C'est un lion ! – It's a lion!listen C'est une araignée ! – It's a spider!listen Ce is words for 'it' and also listen est is words for 'is'.

As ce ends v e and est likewise begins v a vowel, the e in ~ the finish of ce is changed by an apostrophe to do it less mmsanotherstage2019.commplicated to say.

Ce + est = C'est

If you want to say 'it’s not', you use listen ce n'est pas.

Like before to form the negative, you include n' before the verb (as the following letter is a vowel) and also pas after ~ the verb:


Ce n’est pas un singe – It’s not a monkey hear Ce n’est pas un lion – It’s no a lion listen Ce n'est pas une araignée – It's not a spiderTry making your own phrases making use of c'est and also ce n'est pas v the useful animal nouns below:

Masculine nounsEnglishFeminine nounsEnglish

un éléphant

an elephantlisten une baleinea whale
listen un liona lionlisten une chèvrea goat
listen un oiseaua birdlisten une girafea giraffe
listen un singea monkeylisten une grenouillea frog

How perform you form plurals in French?

To speak about an ext than one animal, you usually include s in ~ the finish of the noun to make it plural.

To speak 'some' instead of 'a', you replace un and une v listen des – some.


un mmsanotherstage2019.comnversation (a cat) bemmsanotherstage2019.commes listen des chats (some cats)listen un chien (a dog) bemmsanotherstage2019.commes hear des chiens (some dogs)


There room exceptions to look the end for once talking about much more than one pet in French.

If the word ends in -al, the ending alters to -aux.


un animal (an animal) bemmsanotherstage2019.commes listen des animaux (some animals)listen un cheval (a horse) bemmsanotherstage2019.commes hear des chevaux (some horses)If the word ends in u, you include x rather of s.


un oiseau (a bird) bemmsanotherstage2019.commes listen des oiseaux (some birds)
If you want to speak what an animal is when there is much more than one, you say hear ce sont – lock are.

listen Sont means 'are' and also it is a type of the verb listen être (to be).

listen Ce sont des chiens – they room dogs

listen Ce sont des chats – they are cats

listen Ce sont des oiseaux – they are birds

listen Ce sont des chevaux – they are horses

Key French sounds

Below are some important French sounds the you have actually heard in this topic. Shot practising lock yourself out loud.


The letter gn make the sound similar to the in the center of the English native 'onion'. This sounds prefer n adhered to by y.

listen une araignée – spider

Remember that the e at the end of words is silent.

il and ill after a vowel

When they appear after a vowel, the letters ill sound choose the y sound in English.

listen une grenouille – a frog

Don't forget that the e on the end of words is silent.


This renders two sounds: the French sound for i adhered to by the nasal sound because that the letter in.

listen un chien – a dog

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