Try this drag the orange dots on each vertexto reshape the parallelogram. An alert how the contrary sides continue to be parallel.

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A parallelogram is a quadrilateral v opposite sides parallel. But there are various tests that can be applied to view if miscellaneous is a parallelogram.

It is the "parent" of some various other quadrilaterals,which are obtained by including restrictions of assorted kinds:

A square is a parallel if:

Both bag of the opposite sides room parallel. (By definition). Or:Both pairs of opposite sides space congruent. If they are congruent, they must likewise be parallel. Or:One pair of opposite sides room congruent and parallel. Then, the other pair must likewise be parallel.

Properties the a parallelogram

These facts and properties space true for parallelograms and also the descendant shapes: square, rectangle and rhombus.BaseAny side can be considered a base. Choose any one girlfriend like. If supplied to calculation the area (see below) the equivalent altitude need to be used.In the number above, among the four possible bases and also its equivalent altitude has been chosen.Altitude(height)The altitude (or height) the a parallelogram is the perpendicular distancefrom the base to the opposite side (which may have to be extended). In the figure above, the altitude equivalent to the base CD is shown.AreaThe area of a parallelogram can be uncovered by multiplying a base by the corresponding altitude. See also Area of a ParallelogramPerimeterThe distance approximately the parallelogram. The amount of that sides. See additionally Perimeter that a ParallelogramOpposite sidesOpposite sides space congruent (equal in length) and parallel.As friend reshape the parallel at the peak of the page, note how the opposite political parties are always the same length.DiagonalsEach diagonal cut the other diagonal into two same parts, together in the diagram below. Watch Diagonals of a parallelogram for an interactive demonstration the this.Interior angle Opposite angles are equal as deserve to be viewed below. Consecutive angle are constantly supplementary (add come 180°)

For more on both this properties, see inner angles of a parallelogram.

Parallelogram inscriptions in any quadrilateral

If you find the midpointsof each side of any quadrilateral,then link them sequentially with lines, the an outcome is always a parallelogram.

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This may seem counter-intuitive in ~ first, yet seeParallelogram inscribed in any type of quadrilateralfor one animated expedition of this fact.

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