So you space in the sector for a new stock for her rifle? that is good because Boyds deserve to help! So do you require a long-action or short-action stock?... You don’t know?... You room not alone if you space unsure. Guns are no labeled as being a short-action or long-action openly ~ above them, and also it deserve to be difficult to recognize with part calibers. You could guess that one is simply longer than the other, however what else is different? Why does the matter? Let’s take a look at at some of the differences in between a short-action and also a long-action so girlfriend are an ext confident and also educated in her Boyds Gun share purchase!


A short-action rifle is, in fact, much shorter than a long-action, but that is no the only distinction worth noting. A short-action rifle has actually an activity that is loosely based turn off of the all at once length of a .308 Winchester cartridge. Part other usual calibers that space a short-action room as follows:

.243 Winchester .260 Remington 6.5 Creedmoor 7mm-08 Remington .308 Winchester .338 federal .358 Winchester


This is no a substantial list by any kind of means, but should provide you a turbulent idea the the calibers the you would certainly associate through a short-action. If you have a question as to whether a details caliber you own requires a short-action or long-action share from Boyds, you re welcome feel cost-free to provide us a contact (605) 996-5011 Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM CST. Or if e-mail is more your speed, reach out to us here, help due to the fact that we are always glad come help!

Some other distinctions you will notice in a short-action are the shorter bolt throw, or much shorter travel to occupational the action. The difference from a short-action to a long-action in overall length in your firearm is around ½”. In theory, a short-action is faster to reload since of the much shorter travel once working the bolt. This is just marginally quicker though; we room talking one per 10 of a second.

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A short-action will additionally have a smaller sized and much shorter ejection port. This, not surprisingly, is because it is ejecting shorter casings when they room fired. Due to the fact that the ejection port and overall dimension of the action is smaller, a short-action compared to a long-action in most cases weighs 4 ounces less. Sometimes people want together lean that a rifle as feasible if they space hunting. Other times world appreciate a weight rifle to reduce recoil. So it is approximately the user come decide as to whether or not that is a hopeful attribute.

A few other tiny distinctions space a short-action is an ext stiff; exhibits less flex. In very small means this deserve to manifest in short-actions being more accurate, however it will certainly not be noticeable unless you shoot really long distances. Another crucial difference is short-actions generally have less recoil since the cartridges have less powder capacity, however this is not universally true. Also, “recoil” is a bit arbitrary. What a younger shooter might think is a lot of recoil an enlarge shooter could laugh at and also retort: “Is the all you got!

Long Action

So the is start to sound favor there is a mountain of services to a short-action. What about a long-action? Well, numerous of the things abovementioned are the opposite for a long-action. First, to obtain us in a solid framework of mind, right here is a quick list the some usual long-action calibers:

.25-06 Remington .270 Winchester .280 Remington 7mm Remington Magnum .30-06 Springfield .300 Winchester Magnum .338 Winchester Magnum


As you can kind the notice, a most magnum calibers and also just usually larger cartridges autumn into the long-action category. A long-action is loose based turn off of the all at once size that a .30-06 Springfield cartridge just like the short-action is shadowed after ~ a .308 Winchester in size.

A long-action has a slightly longer bolt travel, and also throw come it, and also takes a hair much longer to cycle the action. In searching or target shoot situations, most human being will not miss a shoot or opportunity because of one-tenth of a second of distinction in cycling the bolt. So this is a negligible difference, but still precious noting.

A long-action likewise has a longer ejection port to accommodate the larger spent casings it will eject. This converts to more mass in the activity and as whole weight that the rifle. Also, that will mean a longer distance rings and also mounts will have to bridge to mountain a scope. Because that this reason, a the majority of long-action firearms utilize rails to give you much more real heritage to mountain optics.

Long-action cartridges also boast much more powder capacity; thus, an ext boom power. If you need to take down big-game animals that demand more Foot-Lbs. Of energy, a long-action is where you must be. The trade-off to the is much more recoil. So long-action cartridges and firearms are not fairly as renowned for target shooting.

Finally, a long-action has actually the potential come flex an ext than a short-action, yet only ~ above a microscopic level. This have the right to adversely affect accuracy, however you may never an alert this uneven you shooting long ranges with her long-action.

Picking her Boyds pistol Stock

There is a many of info to digest when comparing a short-action come a long-action. Where this all comes together in your purchasing decision the a gun stock is gaining the correct size. There are sadly no agreed-upon, universal activity sizes when it comes to a short-action and also a long-action. Every firearm manufacturer individually decides the dimension of your actions.

To number out if you call for a short-action or long-action Boyds total Stock over there is one measure up you have to obtain. You must measure the distance in between your action screws.

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The action screws of her firearm are the two screws that organize your barreled activity to the stock. All of our Boyds Gun stocks list the number (the distance between the action screws). Therefore if you can accurately measure up that distance you can be assured you room purchasing the correct Boyds pistol Stock.

To get an accurate measurement make sure you are measuring from the facility of one action screw come the facility of the other activity screw. Also, execute not mistake among the cause guard screws because that an action screw. This will provide you an incorrect number as soon as referencing the Boyds Gun stocks website developing all kinds of confusion for yourself.


If you think you have measured correctly, then simply: pick your favorite model stock, verify the correct action and pick your favourite color!

If every else fails and also you simply are not sure for the firearm you own, please feel cost-free to provide us a contact (605) 996-5011 Monday through Friday native 8AM to 4:30PM CST. Or if e-mail is much more your speed, reach the end to united state here, help