The 2 pin entry temperature sensor in her Honda civic is over there to measure the wait temperature. Based upon this signal your Honda Engine regulate Unit (ECU) will rise or change the amount of fuel being ceded to her 1.6 liter SOHC engine. Once this sensor fails, her engine computer will not have the ability to read the input temperature, and also thus lose the capability to change properly.

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Depending top top your public the Intake waiting Temperature (IAT) sensor deserve to be mounted in the entry tract, or her air filter box. Now I’ll be reflecting you exactly how to change your IAT sensor in a 1996 Honda Civic.

When the IAT sensor in her Honda walk out, one of the very first indications of trouble will be a inspect engine irradiate turned ~ above in her instrument cluster.


It’s typically a an excellent idea to work on your civic when it’s cold. Shown above is the engine bay of your 1.6 liter SOHC engine. When your examine engine password is on because that trouble v your intake temperature sensor, find the two pin sensor in your intake system.

Replacing your Civic IAT Sensor

Open your civic hood and also once you’ve uncovered the intake temperature sensor, you can begin. Before you start it’s a great idea to source your instead of temperature sensor first.


Unplug your Honda Civic IAT Sensor first, and you can begin undoing the steel clamps that hold the optimal of her air input box.


Undo this clamps to complimentary the optimal of her intake box and the intake piping that leads out of it. As soon as you have the clamps undone you deserve to remove the peak of the intake box to expose your input filter.


Now you deserve to remove your Honda civic air filter to expose the accelerator body inlet. From below you have the right to simply traction on the Civic IAT Sensor to eliminate the sensor itself.

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Now the you have your Civic IAT Sensor gotten rid of you deserve to push in the replacement. Make sure it seats into your rubber grommet fully so the there’s no opportunity of an intake leak.

Reconnect your Civic IAT Sensor and plug your sensor earlier in. Re-assemble your intake air box and use a OBDII scan tool to clear any type of IAT associated trouble codes. Have any kind of questions around this guide to replacing your air temperature sensor? Leave united state a concern below and let united state know!