Rule 35 is reasonably complex, and it is recommend to have a highlighter in hand while reading through it.

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Fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms or any kind of other similar causes deserve to make conditions that hamper visibility. Sound signals because that vessels in minimal visibility, even if it is underway, at anchor or aground, day or night, room the subject of ascendancy 35 (COLREGS). The bell and also gong are included into the mix of whistle sounds supplied as choices for restricted visibility signals. Rule 35 is fairly complex, and also it is advised to have a highlighter in hand while analysis through it.

The rule of the roadway state when underway ‘vessels shall sound at intervals the not much more than 2 minutes’ the prescribed sound signal.

Why a 2 minute rule? A need for all vessels is to preserve a appropriate look-out by sight and also hearing. In restricted visibility, the 2 minutes enables the look-out to listen for sound signal from other vessels groping their method through the fog. COLREGS perform the adhering to sound signals because that vessels underway:

A power-driven courage making method shall sound one lengthy blast.A power-driven ship underway however stopped candlestick sound two an extensive blasts.A pilot vessel, involved in pilotage duty, may additionally sound four short blasts in addition to the sound signals compelled by a power-driven vessel.Vessels that space encumbered, as result of their maneuverability or their ranking in the hierarchy of responsibilities between vessels in dominion 18, candlestick sound one an extensive blast complied with by two short blasts. These encumbered vessels are those no under command, minimal in their capacity maneuver because of their work, constrained by draft, sailing, engaged in commercial fishing and towing or pushing another vessel.


With the large number the sound signals available for use in restricted visibility, remembering every the possibilities have the right to be difficult. Make the efforts to conveniently look increase a sound signal heard in the fog by transforming to dominion 35 in COLREGS deserve to be a little bit of a challenge.

A an excellent alternative is to use among the countless laminated visual shorthand execution of COLREGS marketed at ship chandleries.

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For sound signals, a Morse code dot to represent the short blast of around one-second duration. And also a Morse code dash to represent the prolonged blast of four to six seconds long.

Here’s the connect to reference the Related, ascendancy 34 explicate maneuvering and also warning for powered ship underweigh in international waters