Barn Owls are birds of food or raptors – specialty hunters in ~ the optimal of the food chain, which way that they must eat prey pets to survive.

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Prey animals – mainly little mammals – eat various other smaller creatures or plants, seeds and also fruits.

Plants acquire their energy from the sun, and also from rain water, air and also soil.

This succession of life things, each relying on the other for food, is dubbed a food chain and also is component of a lot more facility food web.

What perform Barn Owls eat?

In the UK Barn Owls hunt in open rough grassland, for small mammals (warm blooded furry animals) mainly field Voles, hardwood Mice, and shrews. Sometimes, Barn Owls eat rats and tiny birds and also even frogs.

Barn Owls are uncovered in countless countries about the world, where they eat a variety of small animals.

What does a Barn Owl’s prey eat?

Field Voles eat grass

Field Voles eat grass and also live in a ‘litter layer’ of dead plant material under lengthy ‘tussocky’ grass.

Wood Mice eat largely berries, nuts and seeds from trees, shrubs and plants.

Shrews are little predators and eat worms, beetles and also insects (which eat dead leaves and plants)

Rats often eat grain from farmer’s barns. Cereals such together wheat and also barley space grown by the farmer come feed people or animals.

How do plants obtain their food?

Plants absorb several of their food with their roots, which might come indigenous decayed plants and also animals in the soil. Environment-friendly plants produce food in your leaves, by using sunlight in a chemistry reaction dubbed photosynthesis. Sun, rain and soil are the basic sources of power for the development of plants, and also are nearly always at the begin of a food chain.

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Does something eat Barn Owls? 
" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="wp-image-9700 size-thumbnail" title="Field Vole holes Litter great " src="" alt="Field Vole holes Litter Layer" width="250" height="188" srcset=" 250w, 480w, 375w, 500w, 700w" sizes="(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px" />Field Voles live under dead grass – or litter layer

Barn Owls carry out not have plenty of enemies in the UK – yet sometimes they space prey for an additional predator. Buzzards and also goshawks have actually been recognized to eat Barn Owls – and also a hungry fox will gain lucky currently & then. Really young, sick or hurt owls are more likely to get eaten by a predator. A please owlet in a barn is in hazard from farmyard cats – if it is healthy and balanced it requirements to it is in put back in its colony as soon as possible.The predators are controlled by the prey!

You might think the if over there are several predators (hawks and also foxes and also owls) eating tiny mammals, climate there will be fewer little mammals – yet actually that the other way round – if there are fewer voles (e.g. If yes not enough food, or locations for voles come live), climate there room fewer Barn Owls. World can help by making certain that there is many of the appropriate sort of rough grassland for field Voles come live in.