Charles X to be King that France because that a handful of years in the very first half that the 19th century. He gave up his throne in the wake of the July change of 1830.

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He to be born on Oct. 9, 1757, at the palace of Versailles. His father was Louis, the Dauphin of France, and his mommy was Maria Josepha that Saxony. His 2 older brothers were both called Louis, and also they were both King that France, louis XVI (1754–1793) and Louis XVIII (1814–1824).


Charles married Princess Maria Teresa that Savoy top top Nov. 16, 1773. They had 4 children.

Charles to be a an excellent friend that Marie Antoinette, the wife and queen that King luigi XVI, and also spent much time through her in ~ her personal retreat, the Petit Trianon. One of the interests they common was lavish spending. Charles was not alone in this. Louis XVI had actually to spend substantial sums to pay off the fan of both that his younger brothers.

When an armed group the protesters stormed the Bastille in July 1789, Charles took his family to Savoy, indigenous whence his mam hailed, and also then went to miscellaneous other places in Europe, amongst them Koblenz, native which he and also Louis plan an invasion in assistance of your brother, the king. That invasion never materialized.

When luigi XVI was killed, Charles and family went to an excellent Britain. King George III gave the family members a consistent amount the money and also permission to remain at the palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. Charles remained in the joined Kingdom, as good Britain had come to be in 1800, as soon as his making it through older brothers Louis arrived, in 1807. Charles's kid Louis Antoine had married Louis's daughter Marie Thèrése.

The brother took regulate of the kingdom once Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated, in march 1814. Louis asserted himself King luigi XVIII, and Charles to be Lieutenant general of the Kingdom. Lock were the end of power when Napoleon returned, throughout the hundred Days, but Louis took manage again ~ Napoleon's second and last abdication, and also this began the Bourbon Restoration. Charles signed the armistice on instead of of France.


When Louis was firmly ~ above the throne, the sought to seek a middle course, preserving numerous of the liberties won by the change while likewise satisfying plenty of of the involves of the royalists, many of whom had been disenfranchised, compelled to leave the country, and/or relieved the their personal fortunes. The ran into significantly fierce opposition to this native a huge group known as the ultra-royalists, with whom Charles significantly sympathized. He play a larger and larger political duty after 1820, as soon as the ultra-royalists gained manage of the room of Deputies. As soon as Louis XVIII died, ~ above Sept. 16, 1824, Charles prospered him as King. He determined the awareness of consecration in the Cathedral the Reims, echoing the practice followed by the earliest of the French monarchs and signaling that he was to be a much more autocratic leader than his brother had actually been.

King Charles X began by providing amnesty to political prisoners and also doing away v censorship. However, at heart he had actually the renowned Sun King, louis XVI, in mind and so gone after a strategy reminiscent of absolutism. Likewise among the initial legislation applied by Charles v Prime Minister Jean-Baptiste de Villéle to be a payment to nobles who had lost your lands to the Revolution.

In the so late 1820s as well, France endured through a collection of really negative harvests, causing grain and also food shortages. Bowing to pressure from his nobles, Charles preserved a high tariff top top grain, which result in also worse conditions for a big part the the population.

Despite assistance from a number of rich nobles, Charles uncovered himself increasingly out that favor with the rest of the population. Parliamentary poll in 1827 led to a majority opposed to the king's plans. That went with a series of prime ministers as well, the last one being Jules de Polignac, who maintained Parlement ~ above the sidelines till March 1830. By that time, French troops had actually occupied Algiers, the capital of Algeria, as part of a military exploration there that was ostensibly to end the hazard of Mediterranean piracy yet was also intended to evoke former glories through international conquest.


A mere three weeks right into the new parliamentary session, the king dubbed for elections, which resulted in a large number of civilization opposed come the king and his policies and actions. In the occurring elections, in June, a majority were again in opposition come what the king wanted. ~ above July 6, Charles exposed the constitution and also then dissolved Parlement and also called for brand-new elections, to take place under a brand-new electoral system; in addition, the king clamped under on published criticism.

Charles also enacted a law that proscribed the death penalty because that acts the sacrilege perform in churches; this was component of one evolving strategy come reinstate the Catholic Church as the preeminent spiritual force in France. The leaders of the change had downplayed faith as a whole and also diminished the power, wealth, and also holdings of the Church. Napoleon had restored Catholicism come favor through the Concordat the 1801, and both louis XVIII and also Charles X advanced the reason of Catholicism.

The number of people that wanted readjust by this time was rather high, and riots began. Thus started the July Revolution. On July 27, police shut under all newspapers. The following day, human being erected barricades in the streets. 4 days later, the king took his family and his court to Versailles.

Charles abdicated the throne on Aug. 2, 1830. He named not his son but his grandson, Henri, fight it out of Bordeaux, as his successor. The king's cousin, luigi Philippe, had actually other ideas and proclaimed self King of the French. Charles, meanwhile, left France altogether, landing ago in the U.K. And ago at the royal residence of Holyroodhouse. Greeting lock this time roughly was an air of hostility: They had actually to embrace fake surname in stimulate to accomplish the need of the U.K. Element Minister, the duke of Wellington, that they go into the nation as personal citizens, and also Charles styled self the counting of Ponthieu. In 1832, they moved to one more royal residence, Prague Castle, staying there till the death of Austrian Emperor Franz I, in 1835.

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That very same year, Charles went to the Mediterranean coast. He remained in Görz once he recorded cholera. He passed away of that disease at Strassoldo royal residence on Nov. 6, 1836. The was hidden in what is now Slovenia; he stays the only French king not hidden on French soil.