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How to victory Each stage of The impossible Test

The impossible Test by PixelCube is just one of the many addicting iPhone gamings out there. It's second only come Angry Birds in its ability to store its players captivated and also their attention locked. Figuring the end each level is rewarding, yet if several of the stages are a tiny too tough to number out on her own, we've provided a list of The difficult Test answers. Feel complimentary to add any mystery finds or additional input in the comments ar below.


Stages 1–25

1. Tap the red light.

2. Insanity the man in the middle (the enemy) till the wellness bar runs out.

3. Tap all of the ninja stars (including the one at the top of the screen).

5. Insanity the cloud top top the peak right; it's slightly larger than the rest.

6. This is a trick; don't madness anything, you'll development to the next display in a few seconds.

7. Just tap the balloon on the right, then the ones in the middle, then on the left.

8. Drag the blue bubble to the square on the appropriate (which is in reality slightly rectangular).

9. Tap the money in this order: optimal right, bottom right, height left, bottom left.

10. Insanity the fish on the bottom left. The is the only one with an eyebrow.

11. Insanity the blue square in ~ the bottom appropriate of the screen.

12. Drag both the objects to the facility of the black color hole.

13. Tap the words at the top rather of the colored circles.

14. Move the witnessed up and down many times until the lumber is reduced in half.

15. Madness the square on the right. It will turn and reveal a diamond.

16. Drag the cute penguin to any corner to expose the egg, climate tap it.

17. Drag the exclamation suggest from the sentence at the peak to the end of the sentence in the middle of the screen.

18. Spin her phone so the the words are facing up, then revolve your phone back over.

19. Tap green, then yellow, then wait for the colors come change, climate click red.

20. Tap just the red ninja throwing stars.

21. Shake your phone and water will drop native the cloud and also fill increase the cup.

22. Tap the moving targets quickly. If you miss out on one, you'll lose a life.

23. Friend don't must do anything. Simply wait because that the next screen.

24. Madness the far left ballon, then the much right, middle right, center left, and also then the top.

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25. Tap the bottom rectangle through the "S" on the quickly! you only have actually a second.