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you Succeeded!If the outcome to be to fail and you thrived - climate you fail ..Success!!!-OR frmmsanotherstage2019.comnd did not accomplish the preferred outcome of failure which is a failure. FAILED.-There is a testing methodology of fail testing, wherein the object is to have actually it fail. If the object did not fail, climate the experimentation was a failure. So start again until it fails. Success.SO... Failure can be considered a success, if that was the preferred outcome.
The question mistakenly conflates two separate agendas together though they to be one to propose a paradox wherein there is in reality none. If her aim is to not meet the needs of a given objective X then success or fail for you is just dependant top top your preferred outcome, and also not the outcomes the X. If you carry out not meet the needs of X for X to be successful as you intended climate you have succeeded in her objective to throw that game. The reality that X was failed has no bearing ~ above you other than it gift the metric by which you to be judging your an individual success or failure.

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