Dreams will come and go But i stay right next to you.I will certainly be around you forever.Let the civilization stop turning, allow the air prevent its trip to the westAnd allow the sun prevent burning, allow them phone call me if love is notworth going v in this next of the world.The dreams that mattered so much to me

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In this civilization is ns was loved by you.If the human being fall personal on girlfriend I will certainly be there because that you.Never gone never farIn my heart is where you are constantly close every day every secondsI know how much you way to meBut the hurt so much when you room not there v me.

each time we spend together do our love thrive strongerI will certainly love you till the end I will certainly be her true friend, her hero.To display you how much you average to me.I want to thrive old through youDIe in her arms.I want to look right into your eyes rise the mountains with youSharing in every point you do.Your emotions, feelings and also tears, Caress her hair and also bodyHold walking stick through you, The wrinkleWe re-superstructure together.In pains and also love, I desire to prosper old with you Walk through the patient roadsIn the shadows the death and also tribulations.Mounted in between striving spirit and also hopes.Our body lied together when the unavoidable comesI wanna grow old with you For better for worseIn the other phase of life after death.

This is just one of the most an effective poems i have ever read. What a presentation- thematically and also graphically. Aging does no seem painful in the agency of a compassionate soul mate. Thanks, John.

She is not gone or far away but she is in his heart. He desires to prosper old with her and share the joys and also sorrows in the birth next. Spirituality Love that is! man Chizoba Vincent is four in one humane human to offer spiritual poems to the world. Fantastic heart!

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