my boyfriend wants me to start wearing thong underwear yet I've constantly been afraid to try them due to the fact that I thought they would certainly feel choose a wedgie since of the cable going where it goes... So i guess what I'm questioning is... 1) carry out you/have girlfriend worn them 2)if yes, are they as uncomfy as they look? 3)if not, what carry out they feel like? 4)Any tips for stuff to look for, avoid and so on 5) The large one, need to I begin wearing them due to the fact that he asked me to? or what must I stay instead/continue come wear...I've review they space going the end of format Thanks :)

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1) Yes, but I only wear the "thicker" (or wider) sort of thongs that actually cover a small bit of mine butt, yet they have actually that exact same thong-like effect. Ns don't undertake the ones the literally are simply 2 pieces of string tied together, lol. Those are certainly not practical nor comfortable.2) They can be a small bit uncomfortable in ~ first, but when worn best you gain used come it and they begin to feeling like any kind of other pair of underwear. The distinction is minimal in the lengthy run. (also answered concern #3 there)4) personal I'd prevent wearing the really slim string ones, at least for days on end. You can wear them to bed to be sexy for your boyfriend, but I wouldn't introduce wearing them for longer periods the time. They're simply uncomfortable in my opinion. However that's sort of something you should decide for yourself due to the fact that you might think they're more comfortable than I do! for this reason don't ascendancy out any options just due to the fact that other human being might think they're bad. :P try them anyway simply to check out if they're great for girlfriend or not. I similar to the thicker persons better, and also I think those are great to start with.5) you shouldn't begin wearing lock just since HE wants you to, at the very least not top top a day-to-day basis. You could always wear them come bed v him (as I claimed before), but if friend don't want to stay them throughout the job you definitely don't need to just since he wants you to. Yet in my opinion you should try them on anyway and also see if you favor them. And also remember the it take away a when to acquire used to them. Therefore if you end up liking them, it'll be a huge plus. And also if girlfriend don't favor them but want come make your boyfriend happy, you might just wear castle whenever you want to be sexy because that him and not wear castle otherwise.

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:)You could shot to google few of the different styles and also see if you uncover something girlfriend think you might like.