Who was will Rogers? He can not be easily characterized – he was a horse breaker, circus performer, vaudeville wise-cracker, movie star, raconteur, political commentator, journalist, humanist, author, aviator and also much more. Three points are particular – the was among the best-loved public numbers of his era, he had actually an astonishing work ethic, and also he was among the many quoted males of his age.

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As a humorist-philosopher, he can be both self-effacing and also pointed in his social and also political comment which he yielded with an ‘aw shucks’ cowboy drawl.

The following comments are typical:

“Well, every I recognize is what I read in the papers.”“You recognize everybody is ignorant, just on various subjects.”“An ignorant human is one who doesn’t understand what you have actually just uncovered out.”“We space the very first nation in the history of the human being to walk to the negative house in one automobile.”“Be it pestilence, war, or famine, the rich obtain richer and also poor acquire poorer. The bad even assist arrange it.”

Of the countless quotes because that which that is remembered possibly the most renowned is his epitaph:

“I never ever met a male I didn’t like.”

In fact, the quote is incomplete. Rogers in reality said:

“I joked about every influential man of my time, however I never ever met a male I no like.”


Rogers to be born on native American land, currently a component of Oklahoma, to a prominent local household in 1879. Both his parents had Cherokee blood.

Rogers said: “Of food my civilization didn’t come over on the Mayflower, yet we to be there to accomplish the folks as soon as they landed.”

His show service career commenced as soon as he performed together a trick roper in “Texas Jack’s Wild West Circus” and Wirth’s Circus in Australia. He went on to show his roping skills at the St Louis people Fair in 1904 and after that Vaudeville.

In 1908, Rogers married Betty Blake. They had 4 children and remained married till his death.

In 1916 Rogers joined the Ziegfeld Follies wherein he at some point transitioned from a ‘Ropin’ Fool come a ‘Talkin’ Fool. His satirical commentaries on present affairs to be to specify the rest of his career. He continued to perform with the Follies until 1925.

Between 1918 and also his death, Rogers do sixty-nine movies of i m sorry forty-eight were quiet movies.

He travelled widely across the United states on lecture tours, spoke at conventions and delivered after-dinner speeches. Somehow, he additionally found the moment to become a radio and Broadway star, a goodwill ambassador to Mexico and also the mayor of Beverly Hills – a mainly ceremonial place that he provided to mock himself and also other politicians.

From 1922 until his fatality in 1935 Rogers was likewise a newspaper columnist and prolific writer of books and essays.

In 1935, Rogers, a passionate aviator, was eliminated in one aeroplane crash in Alaska.

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