“Gv-ge-yu” means “I love you” in Cherokee language. The Cherokee symbols for this beautiful article are pyrographed ~ above one next of the 1″ oval focal distance bead and also a love on the other. Sealed with numerous coats of sealer, this is certain to brighten your day for plenty of years to come! Cherokee corn beads alternated through glass beads are added to produce a colorful 7″ bracelet.

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Selu, in Cherokee mythology, is the nurturing grandmother that sacrificed her life therefore all might eat and also survive. The corn beads honor that commitment to offer of ourself so that all might be fed. Cherokee corn beads are regularly planted by the former door together a consistent reminder of the love and also commitment.”

… ns am with the Grandmothers …

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I think about something genuinely one-of-a-kind in this site.

beads supply - July 30, 2013 in ~ 11:48 to be

Such a beautiful lesson. Was taught by mine grandfather, am really proud to it is in one through my people, one with mother Earth.Thank you for teaching of so many others.Many blessings…A’ho

Nancy Morin - might 30, 2017 at 11:07 to be

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