Charm bracelets always have been sort of mine “thing.” i wore my OG one (you know, when you had actually to buy different charms and put castle onto a bracelet yourself) well previous my college years. I began it when I was most likely 12 or 13, so you can imagine how many charms are on the sucker! I also have a Tiffany one that’s been referred to as my “married charm bracelet.” Ryan to buy the bracelet for me because that my college graduation, and also we’ve slowly added charms come it transparent the years to represent events/milestones.

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So, you have the right to imagine the a company like Alex & Ani is a dream come true because that someone like me! while my other two charm bracelets are both a small clunky/fancy to wear on the daily, i love the ease of mix-and-matching these lightweight bangles. And, castle still stand for something special as with my traditional charm bracelets!

You’ve probably seen in almost all mine photos my everyday Alex & Ani stack, so I believed it would be funny to re-superstructure the definition behind each bangle. Yes, i have method more in my collection than what i wear daily, however these room the people that ns wear all the time in part combination.


My daily Alex & Ani stack: what each bangle means

+ Rocker Beaded Bangle. This bracelet has been through me the longest and is what introduced me come Alex & Ani! It to be a gift from mine mom, and there’s rarely a day i don’t undertake this (even if just on it’s own).

+ Orbit Two-Tone Beaded Bangle. I’m a pan of mixing steels – seriously, that cares anymore? i don’t think there’s any rules about that this days. Anyway, I constantly like to inject a small rose gold somewhere therefore this bangle is the perfect balance. It was a birthday gift indigenous Ryan on one of our first trips out to Disney civilization – the Disney Springs store is just one of my favorites!

+ Paw print Bangle. Duh, for this reason I always have a small piece of Finn with me!

+ Love Bangle. A Christmas gift indigenous Ryan, for this reason pretty self-explanatory. It always reminds me that Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City – “Love is the thing, friend know. You view that? That’s love – and I’m bringin’ it come me, all day long.”

+ Best Friend’s Charm Bangle (looks favor this is no much longer available!). This one came from my huge sister together a gift for my 30th birthday, and I live because that the throwback nostalgia it brings! ns don’t gain to check out my sister often, so it’s fun that us both have a little reminder of each other.

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And, the bracelet that way the many …

You could also an alert my climbed gold bowl bracelet. This was a custom item from GLDN – it’s engraved v a drawing of a fairy godmother that my Grandma Bette attracted for me numerous years ago. I had actually this made appropriate after she passed away in March, and also I’ve worn the every solitary day since.

There’s a tiny insight into my everyday Alex & Ani stack! ns love that nearly every one of them have actually been presents throughout the last couple of years and that each has a special an interpretation to me. That’s the sort of jewelry the will never go the end of style!