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adjacent, adjoining, contiguous, juxtaposed mean being in close proximity. adjacent may or may not imply contact but always implies absence of anything of the same kind in between. a house with an adjacent garage adjoining definitely implies meeting and touching at some point or line. had adjoining rooms at the hotel contiguous implies having contact on all or most of one side. offices in all 48 contiguous states juxtaposed means placed side by side especially so as to permit comparison and contrast. a skyscraper juxtaposed to a church

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the juxtaposed photographs of the country"s richest and poorest areas are a telling commentary on inequality
Recent Examples on the Web The uncentered, juxtaposed photographs display the items at home in a historic place, surrounded by a collection of sculptures created by Antonio Canova, Adamo Tadolini and following generations of artists. — Demetrius Simms, Robb Report, 15 June 2021 And this week, the stock is trending for a pair of juxtaposed reasons. — - Investing Reimagined, Forbes, 11 June 2021 With his development of pointillism, Seurat painted tiny juxtaposed dots in varying colors to further disintegrate images beyond those of the impressionists. — John Zotos, Dallas News, 7 May 2021 The news unfolded with the juxtaposed clarity of a historical montage: the death counts were mounting, even as resistance to public-health measures defined the political debate. — Benjamin Wallace-wells, The New Yorker, 25 Feb. 2021 What Jimmy Butler accomplished last season during months that typically belong to football deserves more than to be lost in the ether of a juxtaposed 2019-20 NBA schedule. — Ira Winderman,, 20 Feb. 2021 Though fans have no problem watching themselves on a screen that is also showing an instructor, more sensitive users (guilty) find seeing their reflection juxtaposed on top of a trainer quite jarring. — Carly Mallenbaum, USA TODAY, 11 Dec. 2019 Gervais’s roast was unafraid to and with each new joke came another set of juxtaposed laughter with total outright discomfort from the audience. — Bianca Betancourt, Harper"s BAZAAR, 6 Jan. 2020 Olsen matched the collective’s swirling, synth-heavy expanses with juxtaposed phrasing, unexpected shifts and deep-seated feeling. — Bob Gendron,, 15 Nov. 2019

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