>1 - select it ~ above the Pokétch.2 - There will certainly be some crosshairs; the center point is whereby you space standing.3 - Tap almost everywhere on the screen.4 - store tapping until a little circle appears.5 - walk in the direction that the circle while tapping. Make sure the one is acquiring closer come the center.6 - as soon as the circle is dead-center ~ above the screen, that means you space standing on top of the item.7 - take one action forwards, then push A on whereby you were previously standing.8 - If done correctly, this will certainly yield a concealed item!

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missed through a minute (again xD )!
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Yyyeeaaahhhhhhhh XD
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btw, every tick note represents one step.

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You know, I"d dislike to be that guy who thoughtlessly copy-pastes stuff, yet to answer her answer, and also because i can"t native it much better my self, here:


>The Dowsing machine is a Poketch application that deserve to be used anywhere within the game. It allows the player come locate concealed items. These items have the right to be virtually anything, from species of punctured Balls, to health and wellness items choose Potions, come other helpful items prefer Honey.

>The Dowsing maker will situate only items that space "on-screen" (within the window of her game). If you are scouring a location to look for items, you will need to relocate your player around and use the Dowsing machine often in bespeak to check an area completely.

>You attain the items by straight facing the covert item and pressing the "A" button. Girlfriend can"t get the items if you room standing on the specific spot whereby the hidden item is located.

>You get the Dowsing an equipment from Dawn, Professor Rowan"s assistant. She will certainly greet you once you get in Route 207 from course 206 and also give friend the Dowsing maker and the Vs. Seeker.


>When you have the Dowsing an equipment Poketch application ready, the touch display displays a cross that looks something prefer targeting axes or X- and Y- axes native geometry. The lines space "hatched" with cross clues indicating distance in procedures away from where your player is right now standing.

>When you tap the touch screen, concentric circles expand from the point where you touched, to a size roughly equal to one-fourth of the screen.

>If over there is no article to be found, nothing will occur after the one reaches it"s largest diameter.

>If over there is an item in the direction that the point tapped, family member to the center of the screen (where your player is standing), the Dowsing machine will repeat the widening concentric circles.

>If over there is an object to be found within the selection of the circles, that will show up as a flashing period on your touch screen. Usage the "hatched" marks to acquire an idea of the direction and also how many steps her player must relocate to reach the item.

>Look carefully for the dot. If the dot appears on the overcome lines, it might be daunting to see.

>You don"t have to use the Dowsing device to obtain the hidden items. As long as you recognize the specific location of one item, girlfriend can confront the spot and also press the "A" button to get the item.

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Source : This wonderfully thorough Walkthrough top top GameFAQs


>It looks like a graph v out anything graphed ~ above it v both axis drawn and also it goes ideal down the middle (its on her Poketch obviously) and you click it and also circles will appear. After that it will then do a small blurb if there is a item close to by.