Select the occasions you desire to team together.From the edit menu, choose Group, and also choose Create brand-new from the submenu (or push G).

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Vegas Pro keep in mind Grouping EventsWhen you include media to the timeline, the events for the audio and video clip stream are grouped automatically.
Click on any event in the group.Right-click, allude to Group and also choose select All indigenous the faster way menu. All occasions in the group are highlighted.From the modify menu, choose Group, and also choose remove From native the submenu (or push U).
Right-click the event you want to remove, choose Group native the shortcut menu, and also choose eliminate From from the submenu. The occasion is gotten rid of from the group.
Select the Ignore event Grouping Vegas agree b ignoreenvgroup grouping Events button (or press Ctrl+Shift+U) come override event groups there is no removing the groups.
Select the events you want to cut or delete.From the modify menu, select Group, and choose reduced All, Copy All, or Delete every from the submenu. The selected events and any events that are grouped through the selected occasions are deleted or copied/cut come the clipboard.
After you’ve arranged your occasions so they’re simply where you want them, girlfriend can create groups to lock the occasions together. When grouped, friend may use editing jobs to the entire group that events.

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Vegas Pro reminder Grouping EventsWhen the Cut, copy, and also delete grouped events check box on the editing and enhancing tab that the preferences dialog is selected, cutting, copying, or deleting an event will impact all events in the very same group.

What execute you want to do?

Vegas agree arrowdn grouping Events produce a group of events

Vegas agree arrowdn grouping Events Ungroup a team of occasions

Vegas agree arrowdn grouping Events Remove an occasion from a group

Vegas pro arrowdn grouping Events Temporarily disregard grouping

Vegas pro arrowdn group Events Cut, copy, or delete grouped occasions

Vegas pro btnshowall group Events