Maybe you prefer closed captions as a result of hearing impairment, or you simply prefer watching Television with the volume turned down low, I guess you agree that some devices are quite frustrating to turn this function on (high and low volume). In this post we shall be looking at closed captions on Insignia TV; how to turn it off and on.

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Whatsoever type of TV you own closed captioning should be available in the device in some way. But activating this feature is not as simple as merely pressing a button. The steps you need to take solely depend on the brand and model of your television.

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If you have an Insignia TV, the process is somewhat straightforward and simple. Although Insignia devices often have complicated installation processes; and they are not very intuitive to use. You should not worry too much about closed captioning in Insignia TV, let me show you how it is done.


Closed Captions on Insignia TV – How to Turnit On/Off

To turn on and off closed captions on Insignia TV, justfollow these steps:

Turn on your Insignia television.On the Insignia remote, press the Menubutton.Using the left and right arrow buttons, findthe Settings option. Press the Enter button or the down arrow button to selectit.Use the up and down arrows to navigate theSettings.Find the Closed Caption menu and select itwith the Enter button.Scroll through the menu with the right arrowbutton until you see “CC on”, meaning that you have turned on closedcaptioning.Press the Exit button to leave Settings.This methodshould work on all Insignia devices, and you can switch the captions off byrepeating the same steps.

For some models, it’senough to press the CCD button on your Insignia remote or on a high-qualityuniversal remote. However, this may prove to be frustrating because thecaptions can sometimes be difficult to turn off permanently. If you haveproblems with making closed captioning go away, go through the Settings again.

Another potentialone-button solution is to press the Mute button on your remote. For someInsignia TV models, this automatically turns on the closed captions; while un-mutingyour TV removes them. Obviously, this is not an option for people who enjoyusing closed captions alongside the audio.

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What If You Do Not Have an Insignia TV RemoteControl?

Turning on closed captions on Insignia TV is aseasy as pressing the CCD button on the Insignia TV remote control. But whatwill you fo if your remote control gets bad or stop working?

The obvious option is tobuy a universal remote as a replacement. However, depending on the type ofremote you bought, tuning on closed captioning may become difficult if the CCDbutton on your new remote is not responsive. Though going through the settingswill usually fix this, in some cases, users can find it impossible to get tothe settings of their universal remote control.

So, before you buy auniversal remote, try this app first.

Insignia TV Remote App

Using the Insignia TVRemote app, you can control various Insignia devices at the press of a button.All you need to do is download the app to your Android devices and install it.The layout of this virtual remote is easy to understand, and you may be able toaccess the closed captioning options more easily.

However, the app hassome downsides, namely:

You have to enter your email when you startusing it.The app will frequently interrupt your userexperience with ads and rating requests.It is compatible with a wide range of Androiddevices but not all of them.

You can also find someInsignia apps for iOS, but these are not very reliable. If you want to controlyour TV from an iPhone, our recommendation is to look into high-qualityuniversal remote apps.

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Are you using closed captions or subtitles on yourInsignia TV? Have you had good experiences with using the device’sSettings? Please let us know about your experiences with this Best Buy brand bymaking your contribution in the comment section of this page.