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A village beset top top by the Undead. Only as soon as you have actually helped clear them of this menace, v the Shilo village quest, will certainly you be able to enter and also explore this village on the Southern end of Karamja.
There are several develops of transport to Shilo Village: Vigroy\"s cart, the Lady the the tide ship, fairy ring password C-K-R or C-J-S (after repair), Karamja gloves, Juju teleport spiritbags, and the wicked hood (Nature Altar) .


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At the entrance of the city girlfriend will discover Undead people (levels 44 and also 46).

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North the the city space Monkey, jungle snake, and also Tribesman.

To the North eastern are gigantic wasp, giant ant worker, and also Giant ant soldier.

West space Scorpion, Monkey, Tribesman, Horned graahk, and also Hobgoblin.

While, come the South, in the Kharazi Jungle room Oomlie bird, tropical savage, and also Jungle wolf.


Within the Mining site North the the city, friend will find the complying with rocks:

Within the Gem Mine friend will find 7 gem rocks that have the right to be mined for Red topaz, Jade, and also Opal gems. It also contains a ladder that can be climbed under (when put on Karamja gloves 3 or 4) to accessibility 7 more gem rocks and the Gemstone Dragon Dungeon even farther below.

This Map was created by ChathMurrpau. Thanks to Pervious guide writers: Creepy675298 and DRAVAN, and also Inaithnir, magicblade28, Dorny2208, and also Fireball0236 for corrections.This Map was gone into into the database top top Tue, jan 31, 2006, at 11:44:20 am by Fireball0236, and it to be last updated on Sun, Sep 24, 2017, at 12:50:39 to be by ChathMurrpau.

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