Many brand-new users don’t know just how to tag customers on DeviantART? room you one of them? climate you have pertained to the best place.

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Arguably, DeviantART is the world’s biggest art community. The agency was founded ago in 2000. However, more than two decades later, it has end up being the best place for artists and creative-minded peoples all around the world.

In short, this acts together a social media platform for artists. Now, their platform has various types of features. However not every one of them room explained clearly by the DeviantART team.

So, brand-new users battle a bit to get familiar with the platform. Likewise, lots of brand-new DeviantART individuals wanted come know just how to tag various other users on DeviantART.

And, to answer this question and also clear up every confusion around tagging top top DeviantART, we have actually jotted this short article down. By the moment you have read this post, friend will concerned multiple ways to tag world on DeviantART.

So, let’s get started…

Tutorial on how to Tag users on DeviantART?

Method #1 Drag and also Drop the Deviations

If you want to share deviations when chatting with other DeviantART users, there is an effortless way.

Drag and drop the ‘deviation’ friend want directly into the conversation window. And also it will certainly be posted automatically.

Method #2 Tag v the ‘
’ and also Usernames

This is another very easy come follow method of tagging other users in DeviantART. However, you have to know that user’s username come tag them utilizing this method.

Whenever you desire to tag an additional user, kind ‘
and also then, without any kind of space, start to type their username.

At this moment, DeviantART will start to imply a the majority of usernames. You have the right to select from the list. Or you deserve to simply kind their complete username after ‘
’, and you will certainly be tagging them.

For example, if you want to sign someone who username is ‘deviantart’, then you would have to form

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This is it! Remember, after girlfriend tagged someone making use of this method, castle will get a an alert in their inbox about the tag.

Method #3 usage the Link

Many people want to tag or connect pages, deviants, or also deviations. Is over there any method to execute this?

Lucky for you, over there is a simple an approach available to link an additional area of the platform or also the whole internet in DeviantArt.

Just copy the URL/link that that web page you desire to attach to and also then dough it ~ above DeviantArt. Friend will check out that the specific page was linked already.

Method #4 Tag with the ‘icon’ ~ above DeviantArt

Do you recognize that you can tag various other users through their avatar? There are two means you deserve to do so.

Let’s talk about the an initial method. When again, you have to know the username that the human being you are going come tag in the an initial place.


Now, you will have to put the native ‘icon’ in prior of the username. And, then you will have to put :/colons on both sides of that. You will check out that you have already tagged the other person with your avatar this time.

For example, if you want to sign someone whose username is ‘deviantart’, climate you would have to kind :icondeviantart:.

We hope us made it clear because that you. So start tagging others making use of their avatars top top DeviantArt. Once again, this will certainly send a an alert to the person’s inbox.

Method #5 Tag through ‘Avatars’ ~ above DeviantArt

We have just explained the very first method that tagging someone on DeviantArt making use of their Avatar. So, currently we will display you the second way. This is means easier and will come in handy if you space commenting top top someone’s work.

Simply, click on the ‘Emoji’ icon at the bottom the the message box while inputting your comment. Now, search because that the avatar of the person you want to tag from the list and click ~ above it.

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You have actually done it. The user of i m sorry you have actually selected the avatar will certainly be notified right away.

Method #6 Tag with ‘dev’ top top DeviantArt

There is an additional easy method to tag various other DeviantArt users. In this case, you will have to know their username. After ~ that, the process will watch almost comparable to the ‘icon’ method described in method #4. Here’s how…

Put the word ‘dev’ in former of the username of the human you desire to tag. Climate you need to put :/colons on both sides of that.

For instance, if the name of the human you want to sign is ‘google’, climate you will have to kind in :devgoogle:.

Right now, the username will certainly be linked, and also the human will it is in tagged. Typically, they will get a an alert in your inbox about this.

Method #7 exactly how to produce Links on texts on DeviantArt?

Many users don’t know that girlfriend can add links to messages while commenting top top DeviantArt. You know that you will regularly need to create links or add some web links for referral purposes.

Earlier, world would simply copy and paste the link while commenting. However now, you have a better way to create links. And, it looks neat and clean together well.

First that all, you will need to copy the link/URL the the page or site you want to share v others.


Then, type your comment on the comment box. Now, highlight the component of the comment on which you desire to include the connect by pressing, holding, dragging the computer mouse cursor across the text.

After you have highlighted that component of the text, an overlay food selection will appear above the text.

You have actually to click the ‘Link’ icon native there. The ‘Link’ icon should look favor a chain. And also after that, you can paste the connect on the popup box that you have just replicated from the other site to attach to that comment and text.

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Congratulations! now you know how to develop text links on DeviantArt as well.

Final Lines

If you space an art lover, climate you have to be familiar with DeviantArt. In ~ the moment, the platform has more than 350 million pieces of artwork of various categories.

One the the main attributes of DeviantArt is the you can communicate with other users. And, you have the right to do that by tagging various other users.

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Here, we have actually shown an ext than one way you can tag a user on DeviantArt. So, if you didn’t know how to perform so, now you know it. From now on, you need to use these tips to begin tagging various other users ~ above DeviantArt. Us hope this post was helpful.

You can likewise read our post – ‘How come Tell as soon as Someone to be Last ~ above Snapchat?‘, if you are a Snapchat user. As usual, don’t forget to share this write-up with fellow DeviantArt users. If girlfriend have any kind of questions or suggestions, you can leave that in the comments below!