In my loadout right now, I"ve got an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a heavy pistol. (I"ve double checked that I"m supposed to be carrying 3, so it"s not just an inventory brain-fart issue) According to the hint tips I"ve seen, I can hold X to switch between my weapons.

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However, Shepard just keeps reaching for either the pistol or the assault rifle! How do I get him to pull out the shotgun? I"ve tried holding the button longer or just tapping it, but tapping just reloads, and regardless of how long I hold, he still switches between the pistol and the AR.



To swap to a third weapon, you"ll have to navigate into your powers(or guns depending on platform) screen to select the weapon manually:

PC - ShiftXbox - LB (Thanks
hammar)PS3 - L2

The quick swap button you are using only swaps the current weapon with the most recently used weapon.


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