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Buying a watch is a huge deal. Thus before embarking through our just how to collection up your Fossil watch guide first take part time come congratulate you yourself for acquisition this large step.

Now we also suggest you take part time to admire the new Fossil watch you've simply purchased. Good choice. We carry out of course understand you don't want to just admire your new Fossil watch you desire to usage it too. This overview will assist you collection up her watch even if it is you decided from the Fossil men's variety or the Fossil ladies' collection.

If you room a first‐time Fossil watch owner then we imply for you to work your method down v our exactly how to collection up your Fossil clock guide. If you are a veteran then please feel complimentary to skip ahead to the section you need. In this overview we will cover:

Let us begin.

How to readjust the time on your Fossil watch


Setting the moment of your brand-new watch is an obvious place to start and also with a Fossil watch it is no different. Setup the time of her Fossil watch will certainly be a tiny different if you have actually a day feature on her watch dial. Skip front to the "How to change the day on her Fossil watch" section if you have a day function.

If you wish to simply adjust the time of her Fossil watch climate follow this three simple steps:

pull the crown (the tiny knob on the next of the clock head) the end from the next of the watch. Turn the crown to change the hour and minute hands. Press the crown earlier to the clock head.

And that's that you"re ready to rock and roll.

Important: please ensure the crown is clicked ago into the watch head or her Fossil clock won't work.

How to readjust the date on your Fossil watch

If you great to set the date and also time that your new Fossil watch climate there room two different positions the the crown will be in. Let us tell you how to readjust the day first. Don't concern it's really simple.

pull the crown out when from the clock head (fully will adjust the time). Turn the crown either clockwise or counter-clockwise and collection the date for the previous day. The direction that moves the day is different for each Fossil watch design so take her time.

Once you've set the day for the vault day, trust us, you can move onto transforming the time.

traction crown out totally from the watch head. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to advancement the time and also continue till the day changes to the current day. Collection to the correct time because that today. Push the crown earlier in fully.

REMEMBER: The crown should be pushed back in completely for your Fossil clock to work-related properly.

How to readjust your Fossil watch strap


The wonderful thing around Fossil city hall is the level that customization castle offer. Every Fossil watch has actually an interchangeable strap meaning you can adjust up your look through stylish ease.

How to clean your Fossil clock leather strap

Taking care of her Fossil clock is critical element the ensuring you acquire the many out of her timepiece. Animal leather doesn't like water therefore make certain you don't swim or shower through your leather strapped Fossil watch. If girlfriend do should clean her leather strap we indicate a clean, soft, dry cloth. And also it's as an easy as that. No fancy oils or therapies required.


We suggest to additional ensure the upkeep of her leather Fossil strap the you store it out of straight sunlight. By this we average don't leaving it ~ above a home window sill or dresser in the sun. We aren't because that a second suggesting your watch have to be one indoor‐only watch, that would be weird, simply no an extensive sitting in the sun for your Fossil watch.

How to remove links from a Fossil watch

If you great to save the steel strap on your Fossil watch the same yet it's in require of a tiny resizing you deserve to follow the steps listed below to aid you remove web links from it.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind as per our Returns and also Refunds plan if friend customize your Fossil watch strap you can not return your watch as unwanted goods. If in doubt please call Us.

Before you collection out to remove web links from her Fossil clock you will need the appropriate tools. The adhering to can it is in purchased online easily, occasionally as a pack and sometimes together individual elements. Lock aren't expensive and also are priceless to execute this task correctly so we do suggest strongly the you get them.

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You will require a:

Watch band block holder Pin punch for clock pins watch Hammer ‐ one through a head through a soft side and also a steel side

We imply you stay this task on a level surface and have somewhere secure to put your clock pins if you are adjusting the links.

First, measure your Fossil watch to see how many links friend would like to remove. This deserve to be done by putting the watch on your wrist, close up door the clasp, and then pinching the watch strap till it is a comfortable fit. Count the web links that are extra, and you will understand how plenty of you should remove. collection up the watch on the block holder. For sure the arrows shown on the web links are pointing down. When removing links, host one finish of the pin pusher versus the pen to it is in removed. Strike the other end of the pin pusher with the steel side the the clock hammer until the pen slides out. It will certainly slide the end in the direction that the arrow on the links. Two pins host each attach to the band, so two pins need to be gotten rid of per link. Come reconnect the watch strap together position the clock on the block holder through the arrows now facing upward. Overlap two web links so that the holes for each that them are connected. Insert a pin right into each the the lined‐up holes to attach the totality watchband back together. Use the soft next of the hammer come strike the pin down into the link. Make sure that every the pins joining the web links are secured back in place. Placed your Fossil watch back on her wrist and enjoy.

We expect you have uncovered our exactly how to set up your Fossil Watch overview useful. Have to you have any an ext questions please do not hesitation to contact Us.

composed by sarah Lincoln Wordsmith and also watch enthusiast. Feather at hundreds of watches a month in a bid to discover the best timepieces top top the high street. Resided in Malta for 3 years and also has complied with the hottest trends there, in the UK, and additionally in Ireland (where she hails from and also currently resides!). She understands that fads vary and is dedicated to sharing she tips and also tricks to audience worldwide. Has reviewed over 5,000 watches and she won"t stop prior to she to know every timepiece the end there. Mmsanotherstage2019.com Social web links Instagram•Twitter•Facebook