In English, if a bad situation seems imminent yet is ultimately avoided, we can reply through an interjection choose "Thank goodness!" or "Whew!". I recognize "Thank goodness!" has actually several feasible translations in ~ the start of a sentence, but I"m reasoning of the being used as a standalone interjection. What is typically said in in instances like this?


A usual translation for the interjection "Whew!" is


In these situations it is common to say:

¡Qué alivio!

It is additionally common come say

Me salvé por un pelo.

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In Uruguay us say additionally "En el anca de un piojo" yet I don"t understand if this is typical elsewhere.

to express how close come the poor situation we had come.

"Thank goodness" might likewise be "Gracias a Dios", but this may have a religious component.

A usual verb is "zafar". Because that example,

El profesor estaba interrogando alumnos al azar, pero yo zafé por estar en una esquinita, medio oculto.

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Bruno StonekBruno Stonek
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Just to add to Bruno"s prize you can say these aswell:

¡Gracias al cielo!

¡Menos mal!


and for some humor we say occasionally this in Colombia:

Me salvé por un pelo de rana calva.

The translation would be I conserved myself by the hair of a fully frog. Due to the fact that frogs have no hair, a outright frog would certainly have even less hair. Therefore he conserved himself by for this reason little!

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