Is there a native, non-loanword for "pen" (the composing instrument)? Or is there only 「ペン」?

There is one because that "pencil" (鉛筆), one for "ruler" (定規), one because that "paper" (紙) and even despite the one because that "eraser", 消しゴム, is fifty percent loanword due to the ゴム, at least there is an different to the complete loanword イレーザー. It would be monster if there is no aboriginal word for "pen".

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There"s one because that a fractional pen: 万年筆 (まんねんひつ), however pens haven"t been around that long, so everything else appears to be ペン. Mr. Biro just started do his ballpoints in the 1940"s.

Even among the varieties of pencil has come to be a pen - シャーペン (it"s a shortening that シャープペンシル).


I"m Japan,"ペン" ordinarily means something like a ballpoint pen (ボールペン),a mechanical pencil (シャーペン),a highlighter pen (蛍光ペン),a quill pen (羽根ペン), a nib/dip pen (つけペン), etc..

It doesn"t meanpencil (鉛筆) orbrush (筆, 毛筆).

There weren"t any type of words which way "pen" in because the used brushes because that a lengthy made a new word for pen as soon as it had been introduced.

I think over there isn"t non-loanword because that "pen" in friend really desire to use one, ns would indicate using "筆".


Well the last kanji because that 鉛筆 is 筆 (ふで), i beg your pardon is creating brush. The modern pen has come a means from a composing brush.

Maybe fountain pens room in in between the two, that would be 万年筆 (まんねんひつ).


Fountain pens were not presented to Japan till the 19th century but I can uncover no days yet for quill pens or nib pens / dive pens.

However a quill pen is referred to as a 羽根ペン and a nib/dip pen is called a つけペン so both at this time contain ペン.

Perhaps a Chinese word for pen might be older and also may have formerly been provided in

I would"t rule out the opportunity that words for brush also covered pens at one time. No all pens are contemporary pens and also the English indigenous pen is not a modern-day word however comes indigenous a Latin word for feather. There space also contemporary brush pens and some expensive old brushes through a form factor that looks rather like a pen.

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