Welcome come a new lesson. Today, us will learn some vital phrases and questions because that talking around what you did critical weekend in Spanish. You will certainly read and also listen come examples, and more importantly, friend will have actually the chance to practice with two simple listening activities and quizzes. Hopefully, the examples and tasks in the lesson will assist you talk more easily around your weekend in Spanish. Stop start…

Talking about last weekend in Spanish (examples with the past tense)The previous tense will be supplied for talking about last weekend in Spanish – “el fin de semana pasado”. There are two creates of the past tense in Spanish, one because that actions the were performed there is no repetition such together “Fui al cine” (I visited the movies) and one for repeated actions or in progress like “Miraba la televisión…” (I provided to watch TV/I was watching TV). Paragraphs about your weekend in Spanish will often use sentences like “Fui al cine”.

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We will not cover how to conjugate verb in the previous tense in Spanish in this lesson since that was covered in information in a grammar lesson. Instead, us will occupational on questions and also phrases for having actually a short, straightforward conversation around what girlfriend did critical weekend in Spanish. For this form of conversations, the is beneficial to include some succession adverbs choose “primero”, “luego” and “por último” as soon as telling other in Spanish.

What i did last weekend in Spanish

It’s time to hear to the very first example. Pay fist to exactly how he provides the rules because that the past tense to do a quite paragraph about his weekend in Spanish. The verb in prototype in this example are: ser, hacer, estar, arreglar, limpiar, lavar, visitar, platicar, ir, bailar, pasar, dormir y leer.

Lo que hice el fin de semana pasado El fin de semana pasado fue muy entretenido. El sábado por la mañana, estuve en mi casa e hice los quehaceres. Arreglé mi cama, limpié mi cuarto y lavé mi ropa sucia. El sábado por la tarde visité a mis abuelos. Platicamos un rato y luego fui a comprar ropa. Por la noche, mis amigos y yo fuimos a una discoteca. Bailamos toda la noche y la pasamos muy bien. El domingo dormí hasta mediodía. Por la tarde, leí un libro y por la noche fui al cine.
critical weekend was really entertaining. Top top Saturday morning, I remained at home and also did the chores. Ns made my bed, cleaned mine room, and also washed my dirty clothes. ~ above Saturday afternoon I went to my grandparents. We talked because that a while and also then I saw buy clothes. At night, my friends and I saw a disco. Us danced all night and had a good time. On Sunday ns slept till noon. In the afternoon, I review a book and at night I checked out the movies.

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What did you execute last weekend in Spanish?

The 2nd example is a short dialogue around the points someone did last weekend in Spanish. The crucial question in this quick conversation is “¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana (pasado)?” (what go you carry out last weekend?). Girlfriend could also ask around a certain day favor this: “¿Que hiciste el sábado?” (what did you execute on Saturday?) and also “¿Qué tal tu domingo?” (what around Sunday?). The verbs you will see in the dialogue are: estar, tener, hacer, mirar, organizar, invitar, reventar, bailar, jugar, comer, salir, limpiar, poder and also pasar.

Carlos: Hola Alberto ¿Cómo estás? Alberto: Bien, ¿y tú? Carlos: Un poco cansado. Tuve un fin de semana muy ocupado. Alberto: ¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana? Carlos: Pues mira, el sábado fue el cumpleaños de mi hija. Organizamos una pequeña fiesta de cumpleaños. Invitamos a varios de sus amiguitos. Los niños reventaron una piñata, bailaron, jugaron varios juegos divertidos y comieron pastel claro. Alberto: ¿Todo salió bien? Carlos: Si, todo salió muy bien. Mi hija estaba feliz. Alberto: ¿Qué hiciste el domingo? Carlos: El domingo por la mañana limpiamos la casa. Por la tarde, fuimos a un parque de diversiones. Como puedes ver, tuve un fin de semana ocupado con mi familia. Eso sí, la pasamos muy bien… Dime ¿Qué tal tu fin de semana? Alberto: Bueno, mi fin de semana…
Carlos: hello Alberto, just how are you? Alberto: Fine, and you? Carlos: A small tired. I had a very busy weekend. Alberto: What did you do on the weekend? Carlos: well look, it to be my daughter’s date of birth on Saturday. We arranged a tiny birthday party. Us invite number of of she friends. The kids smashed a piñata, danced, played several fun games and ate part cake. Alberto: Did everything go well? Carlos: Yes, every little thing went really well. Mine daughter to be happy. Alberto: What go you execute on Sunday? Carlos: ~ above Sunday morning, us cleaned the house. In the afternoon, we saw an amusement park. Together you can see, I had a liven weekend with my family. However, we did have a great time … tell me, how was your weekend? Alberto: Well, mine weekend …
Listen to someone saying how he spent last weekend in Spanish. You will certainly hear few of the phrases and also verbs presented in the instances above, so please carefully check those prior to attempting this hear activity. When you listen to the recording, please resolve the interaction quiz about is. ¡Buena suerte!