The irish language has actually some important poetic means to call that special someone the you love them!

But not among the phrases below translates together “I love you” - We ireland love making use of roundabout ways to communicate!

Though they can not be direct, this phrases space sure to move your sweetheart off their feet.

1. Mo Anam Cara (Mu On-um Kora)

This short phrase converts as “My spirit Mate” or “My heart Friend”. The old Celts believed in a spirit that radiates about the body. When two individuals created a deep bond, your souls would certainly mingle and also each person could be said to have discovered their “anam cara” or “soul friend”. This beautiful phrase motivated our Mo Anam Cara jewelry.

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2. A chuisle mo chroí (Mu Kooish-la mu kree) or Mo chuisle (Mu Kooish-la)


You could recognize this one from the movie Million dollar Baby. The literal meaning translation the " The pulse of my heart" or "My pulse" could be a small anatomical for some. But anyone who has actually felt their heart race at the vision of your loved one is sure to identify with this phrase!

3. Grá Geal Mo Chroí (Graw gee-yal mu kree)

Translated together "Shining or bright Love of my heart" this is a beautiful phrase with a wonderful lightness the eloquently captures the wonderful emotion of being in love. Maybe as a result, that pops increase in numerous Irish love songs and also ballads with records earlier to 1855. This phrase additionally inspired our style for this lover ring v the phrase encircling the band.


4. Is tú mo ghrá (Iss as well mu graw)

"You room my love" is as close together we involved saying “I love you” and is a lovely phrase that would job-related well as a thoughtful engraving or analyzed into Ogham. Ogham is an ancient linear script read from the bottom come the top. The is thought to be the first known composed language of Ireland!

There are plenty of dialects in Gaelic relying on the component of the nation you hail from. “Mo Ghrá thú” (muh graw hoo) has the an extremely same definition as “Is tú mo ghrá.”

5. Grá go Deo (Graw gu djo)

Translated together "Love Forever" or " Forever Love" this expression emphasises Eternity, an important theme in Celtic mythology, represented by the infinite Trinity Knot. The is this sentiment and also symbolizm that motivated our Celtic Trinity knot Jewelry with a wide range of this eternal designs.


And the expression Grá go Deo is a romantic emotion to adorn any type of piece that jewelry yet works specifically well through beautiful celtic node designs.

6. Tá mo chroí istigh ionat (Taw mu kree iss-chig un-it)

Another expression that could be a small anatomical because that some, translating together "My love Is In You." We watch this phrase as walking some method toward recording the feeling of the selflessness the love and can be provided for a romantic relationship but likewise can be used as a expression for a parental love because that a child.

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7. Is tú mo stóirín (Iss too mu stor-een)

This converts as "You room my (little) sweetheart". The “-ín” in ~ the end of Stóirín makes the word Stór (sweetheart) diminutive. However rather 보다 it gift "baby-speak" it renders the ax even more affectionate.

Dublin is the residence of St. Valentine?

Whatever phrase you can choose, any type of one is certain to impress your Sweetheart. And if you happen to find yourself in Dublin, you might want to speak to in to the Whitefriar Street Church - the house or resting location of St. Valentine! The saint"s stays were gifted come an ireland Preacher by Pope Gregory XVI on a visit to Rome in the 1800"s!